With the constant changing weather, frizzy, static hair, and flyaways can be such a pain and hard too tame! Weather changes and dry environment can be attributes, even traveling.

ForBabs Founder and X-Static hairbrush inventor, Annette Crone, has made it her mission to offer tamed hair, anytime, anywhere, here are her quick fix tips for those struggling with a static, frizzy mane.

  1. Comb with hair spray: Combing with a light hairspray is a great quick fix but can still weigh your hair down and harden in unwanted spots.
  2. Use an Iconic Hair Dryer: Upgrading your hair dryer can do a world of difference, unfortunately sometimes environmental factors fight the force, so you’ll see the difference with new technology, consider an upgrade today!
  3. Extra conditioner: Applying extra conditioner to help weigh down your unwanted, untamed hair, can help but if your hair is thin, it may become greasy.
  4. Moisturizer: Tapping your hair with a good natural hand/body/face moisturizer can help, just may make your hair a little greasy (and why would you waste that on your hair when you pay so much for it to be on your face!)
  5. Dryer Sheets: These are always great to keep in your purse, rubbing the sheet on you head can be a quick fix to the frizz but tends to have a smell and can be harsh on your hair.
  6. X-Static hairbrush: The world’s first all-in-one, anti-static hairbrush, the ForBabs X-Static is engineered to banish static and frizz while fighting fly-aways on all hair types, including color-treated styles, and leave it smelling fresh and clean!

During periods of extended business travel, Crone continuously battled hair static and fly-aways. This led her to try every available solution, including an old-school hair “hack”: smoothing a dryer sheet over frazzled strands. “I just wasn’t satisfied with any option out there,” she explains. “Dryer sheets felt sterile and awkward, hair static sheets felt far too wet – I knew there had to be a simpler, more effective alternative.” Unable to find the solution she needed, Crone set out to create it for herself.

About ForBabs
Founded by top-level brand marketer and seasoned entrepreneur Annette Crone, ForBabs is the proud US-based brand behind the patent-pending X-Static hairbrush. Tired of struggling with strand static, yet disappointed with the products and “hair hacks” available, Crone set out to develop a truly functional styling solution. The X-Static is the world’s first all-in-one, anti-static hairbrush designed to give an instant beauty boost to wet or dry hair of all types – including color-treated styles. Easy to use and even easier to clean, simply work the brush through strands to instantly tame fly-aways, then tear and toss the sheet to enjoy a clean, fresh brush each time. Visit www.ForBabs.com to discover the anti-static beauty tool of the future and enjoy free shipping within the US on orders over $50. Soak up daily hair inspiration on Instagram @Forbabs_brushes.