UK singer/songwriter, Lucy Spraggan, is releasing her sixth album Choices on February 26th via Cooking Vinyl and we couldn’t be more excited! Having overcome many obstacles from heartache to addiction, and more, the talented artist is truly bringing it with her latest releases. With a fire burning within her, Lucy Spraggan is showing us who she really is as she showcases her raw and natural talent. Keep rockin’!!

First off, LOVE your music, energy, and vibe. What/who has empowered you the most?

Thank you! I think learning to be my authentic self has opened so many doors for me. Last year I truly embraced the IDGAF attitude and since then it’s become second nature. I am inspired by anyone who can not sweat the small stuff and stay happy!

Having been sober for many months now, what do you believe was the key to you overcoming the many obstacles you faced? 

Just making sure to deal with emotions and traumas that I had neglected when I was drinking. It’s really easy to escape feelings when you drink/take drugs. When you can’t escape you just have to learn to manage them.


If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently? (or not) 

Nothing! Everything has been a lesson and an adventure. I wouldn’t do it any differently.

What role did music play in your healing process?

A lot. I started running a year ago and it’s been a huge emotional release for me. I spend a lot of time listening to music – more than ever. I love the way music can change your mood, or make you think.

When you are working out, how does your routine usually go? Do you incorporate music? Have an inner dialogue?

At the moment I am working out twice a day 5 days a week. I often listen to audiobooks for resistance training and pumped up music for cardio.

To be honest, during exercise the only time my inner dialogue shuts the fuck up!


Describe to us what your writing process is like. If you have writer’s block, what helps get out of it?

Unfortunately, as most writers will tell you, there is no way of lifting that block once it’s there. Luckily, I’ve only ever had it a few times! I write about all kinds of things, and they all start in the notes app on my phone. Although, when I start writing the music I use pen and paper – always!

Growing up, what was one of the biggest lessons you learned? 

You can’t change other people. Only yourself.

If you could tour anywhere in the world, where would you pick and why?

I would tour the whole thing! I’d love to tour Japan. I went once, not for very long, but it was wonderful and the food was insane.

What advice would you give to those reading this right now?

In general? Stop doing things for everyone else. Start doing things for you.


Describe your fashion style to us. 

I live in tracksuits and activewear. Training twice a day means there’s not much point in wearing normal clothes…

Favorite motto for 2021?

Please don’t suck ass like 2020.

Talent LUCY SPRAGGAN @lspraggan
Photography by NIK BRYANT

Interview by ALEXANDRA BONNET @alexbonnetwrites