Everyone’s guilty pleasure adult cartoon returns tomorrow for its third season on Netflix. Whether you tune in for the ensemble voice cast or the weird sex comedy, season three is guaranteed to take puberty to the next level. Nick Kroll’s Big Mouth owes its success to the very reality that everyone goes through puberty. Adults can laugh at the sheer awkwardness that they once had to endure and teens can relate to the struggles that the characters encounter along the way. Who knew it was possible to make a talking vagina hosting a game show television-worthy? Nick Kroll and his hilarious cast have made a conversation about puberty and adolescence that many other shows haven’t touched on.

This season, expect to explore puberty through the lens of a 2019 teen. This means navigating online disasters, #MeToo, and other social issues that teens are facing today. Big Mouth has never been afraid to magnify our worst moments, and that will only continue this season as the characters face the enemies of modern-day technology. Watching this through animated teens voiced by the likes of Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, and Jordan Peele shows just how tough digital-age middle school is (and how funny it can be). There will be no shortage of awkward moments, hormone monsters, and the Ghost of Duke Ellington to remind us why fell in love with the show, but are glad we aren’t teenagers anymore. Face the awkwardness with Nick, Andrew, and the whole gang tomorrow on Netflix.

By Sonja Grunfeld