Spectacles 3, Snapchat’s latest model of wearable camera glasses, were just released, and we’re hoping they got it right this time. Spectacles are like wearing a go-pro on your eyes, and the footage they produce is very personal and unlike any recording device you already have. The latest model hopes to achieve the most personal documentation so far, adding two cameras on either eye. The double camera-action can actually produce three-dimensional photos and videos, with animated augmented reality effects if you’d like. The glasses are designed for the influencer-obsessed world we live in so users can produce the most attention-grabbing imagery for their social media feeds.

Spectacles 3 are on the expensive end ($380), but just think about it as if you’re buying both sunglasses and a camera. The glasses are also very on trend, featuring styles that resemble glasses on designer row. Kind of like airpods, the spectacles snap into their charging case, which holds four full charges. Fully charged, your classes can record up to 70 snapchat length videos. Your friends won’t even notice the cameras on your spectacles until an LED ring around them lights up to indicate recording. You have endless possibilities when you’re wearing Spectacles 3, from recording concert videos without having your phone in the way to capturing unforgettable vacation memories on the beach. Simply upload your content to Snapchat and share via any platform and even change the shape of the capture and add cool AR effects. Never forget another memory with Snapchat Spectacles 3.

By Sonja Grunfeld