Vulkan Magazine asked creator and accomplished choreographer Lindsley Allen about her new show Cherry Boom Boom: American Woman: A Rock n’ Roll a Go-Go. The show is quickly becoming a fan favorite and soon to be nationwide hit! Here is what she had to say!

Vulkan: How did you get the idea and vision for “Cherry Boom Boom”? 
Lindsley Allen: 
CBB has evolved over the years and continues to evolve with each incarnation but the original vision has always stemmed from bringing my two favorite worlds together dance and theatricality… and of course, set to an unforgettable soundtrack. 

V: On your website you state that “Cherry Boom Boom” isn’t a burlesque show but “Burlesque-inspired,” what would you say is the difference?
LA: CBB is really a live dance theatrical production but it got labeled as “burlesque” because people need to categorize it and it since it has a sexy style to it audiences can relate to the word “burlesque” to describe it.  I say it’s “burlesque-inspired” because it has sensuality at it’s core but it’s so much more, it also includes specialty acts, themes and a theatrical flow to the show. You go on a journey, an experience… it’s immersive in every sense so I guess you could say it’s modern day “burlesque”.

V: How did you go about finding each song for each scene in the show?
LA: The music is everything! It all starts there. It’s tricky because it has to be right for the moment in the journey but it also has to move me from the inside out. 

V: Tell me about the “Boom Boom” effect”?
LA: Bold Unapologetic Sensual 21st Century Woman 

V: How do you wish to empower other women with “Cherry Boom Boom”?
LA: It’s my best compliment that women love the show, if not as much as men, more so… they leave feeling empowered, celebrated and inspired to embrace themselves and their sensuality. 

V: “Cherry Boom Boom” had its residency on the Las Vegas Strip before starting in Los Angeles, how does the dance scene differ in LA and Las Vegas? 
LA: CBB originated in LA and then we went to Vegas… so I got to bring that LA grit, style and fierceness to the Vegas dance scene (Robin Leach said “Vegas has never seen dance like this before”) and in turn, I was introduced to the most brilliant specialty acts and performances artists…the combination of the two was a like a gold mine for a choreographer/creative director, it was magic!

V: You had the show at Harvelle’s and the Sayers club, is there another venue you’d love to showcase at?
LA: Oh, yes! We definitely have targeted venues for 2019. The venue’s architecture and setting is very important and must support the show. I like keeping the venue intimate and immersive like a “cabaret theaters” but with a cutting edge to them. We are in talks with Faena Theater in Miami and looking venues cities like Nashville, New York and Paris. 

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