From the creative minds of pop-rock band Kitten’s frontwoman Chloe Chaidez and photographer Tsarina Merrin comes the music video for Kitten’s latest single “Memphis.”  The song itself is a sultry, early 90s inspired electronic, monotone manifesto about her current situation and potential romantic future with her partner, despite her current residence in Memphis, TN.  The nonchalance in Chaidez’s vocals and expressions in the music video contrast heavily with the stream of consciousness lyrics directed toward her partner–lyrics that feel almost more like an inner confessional monologue than a pop-punk anthem.  

The director of the music video, Merrin, lends her unfiltered, gritty point of view to the band, capturing the band’s reality.  As a regular at Kitten’s LA band house, her insight into the band’s vision and everyday life translates effortlessly into her cinematography.  The grungy early 90s vibe dominates the video, reflecting Kitten’s punk roots reminiscent of 90s bands like No Doubt. The nostalgia represented in the early 90s theme also matches the nostalgia Chaidez sings about as she reveals her love for Avril Levigne and her memories with her partner in Memphis.  

The band recently performed their latest single at the Hermosa Beach Summer Series on August 17.  The band performed alongside groups like The Score and The Wrecks, adding to their long list of associated acts including Smashing Pumpkins, New Order, Girlpool, Hatcie, and Blue October.  In addition to getting the opportunity to perform with such acclaimed groups, Chaidez has also expanded her musical vocabulary and artistry as she’s completed pop frontrunner Charli XCX’s Nasty Cherry Project; “Memphis” is just the first of many singles to come that have benefited from Chaidez’s participation in Nasty Cherry.  Be sure to stay tuned for her future creations with the release of their Honeymoon Phase EP, available this October.

By Sam Spotswood