Anthony Cordero is BRINGING IT as he continues to embrace his love for fashion and make something beautiful with it! Always being out of the box, the talented fashionista has never been afraid of others’ opinions, bringing him to where he is today. Yes, we love it! Having recently dropped his latest collection, it’s safe to say anyone who comes by it will fall in love instantly. Anthony Cordero is a light in this life and we can’t wait to see where he goes next!

Growing up, what role did fashion play in your life? 

Growing up, fashion played a major part in my life. I feel like it was way more fun before the digital sphere took over. Fashion was authentic; you couldn’t just copy and paste what you saw someone else wearing on these social media fashion accounts. I always wore different pieces that my friends considered “weird” or “out the box”, but not being afraid of people’s opinions made me who I am today.

When did you know you wanted to turn this into a career?

I knew I wanted fashion to become a career for me when people started to show me they really cared for my opinion on what they wore. People would always ask me what they should pair certain pieces with or to help them pick out an outfit and that’s when I started to realize that I had an eye for styling.

How has your personal style evolved over the years?

My personal style has changed many times over the years. As a teenager, I was really into baggy clothes like jerseys, and matching color schemes. I used to wear these loud airbrushed tees and I would airbrush my timberland field boots to match. Once I started hanging out in Harlem, NY is when I really started experimenting with different brands. I started wearing skinny jeans more often and just developing my own sense of style.

Tell us more about the story behind your latest collection. What does it mean to you?

My latest collection consists of various versions of my cropped bomber jackets, two-toned leather pants, staple tees, hats and my first ever accessory piece; The Eternal Love ring. I don’t think I’ll ever theme my collections, I honestly just make what I feel at the moment so most of the time one item has nothing to do with the other but somehow it all makes sense and still looks cohesive.

Share with us a story about the hoodies you used to design and how it helped someone (or yourself). 

When I was in high school, I became really popular for drawing cartoon characters on people’s hoodies. Girls would want a sailor moon character on the back of their hoodies with their names on the sleeve or whatever they’d ask me to draw. I used to sell them for $80 and would be making at least 5-6 hoodies a week. As a teenager with no actual job, I felt that was pretty fruitful and once I felt the taste of having a demand for something I created myself it only grew. It eventually led me to want to start my own brand. So now looking back I would say those were stepping stones to get to the point I’m at now.

What do you hope your clients will feel when wearing a piece of yours?

When people wear my clothing, I want them to feel highly of themselves; clean, classy, and original. I don’t want them to feel trendy or feel like anything I make is just for a specific look or occasion. I want them to say “I’m definitely wearing this again”.

If you had to describe yourself in a piece of clothing what would you pick and why?

If I had to describe myself as a piece of clothing, I would probably be a hoodie. A hoodie is that essential piece that will never leave your catalog. You might not need me everyday but you’ll definitely find use for me more than others which makes me most valuable. Hoodies also make you feel protected, so yeah a hoodie for sure!

Who is someone that inspired you throughout the years?

Rick Ross, is one of my inspirations. I listen to a lot of his interviews and he really focuses on how to level up. He also touches on how to not give up even when things aren’t necessarily going how you planned. I remember in one interview he expressed that there were artists who came into the rap game who did what he spent years trying to do in little to no time but he never gave up and now his career/experience are abundant. I related to that interview and have always stayed focused on what I’m doing because I’ve always had faith in my brand and myself. If you work hard your time will come, there’s no need to compare yourself to anyone else. Everything is timing and I’ve never been in a better position than I am now.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty means everything to me! What I consider beautiful no one can take from me. I’ve never been persuaded to think something is beautiful if I didn’t already think it myself. Beauty is what you perceive it to be! Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder and as you get older you learn that more and more.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

In 5 years, I definitely see myself creating something iconic.I don’t know exactly what it is yet but I know I’m going to do it. I also see myself working on more than just clothing. I want to expand, I want to teach and help create opportunities for entrepreneurs. I love making clothes but I also enjoy making other people happy more. I want to invest in mental health awareness, I feel like that’s a major issue for a lot of people right now. Other than that, when I feel there’s something I’m passionate about I go right at it and see it through, who knows what’s to come.

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