Isaac Dunbar released the music video for the vibey ballad “miss america” this past week. In the music video, we are taken to space while Dunbar builds his own world and reminisces on memories from Earth. Watch HERE

Dunbar explained the video “is inspired by the novella “le petit prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, with a twist. I’m the prince in the video, and I’m on the moon far far away from earth, reminiscing of the good things I experienced and creating a civilization of my own. This is metaphorical of me wanting a society where people can live equally and freely. When I first made the song, I had this whole visual of being in space in my head and I think it translated well.”

The indie-pop musician beautifully pieced together a song that paints a picture of an ideal world and optimism for the future. It is exactly what is needed in these trying times and a lovely addition to his existing discography.

By Aris Pangan 

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