OooOOoo let me tell you something about a pair of sneakers that is going to change the way you feel music. The DROPLABS, which were first released last November, have now come out with a new and improved version: their “ EP 01.” Founded by Susan Paley, it literally puts the rhythm under your feet….Don’t worry, I couldn’t believe it either at first until I had the amazing opportunity to try them on myself. GAME. CHANE.GER.

Whether you are at a concert, watching an action/adventure film or playing video games, these shoes are right for you. Yes, you heard me festival goers, video gamers and movie watchers. Find yourself completely immersed in the world of sound and feeling. With everything going on lately, these shoes bring that extra comfort and intimate experience I know many of us have been longing for from our homes! That’s right COVID-19, there is no stopping us!

Let me walk you through the app for a second just as Trevor Humphrey, Director of Customer Experience, did for me over zoom. You put the shoes on, download the app, connect and boom! On the app, you can customize your experience by selecting a specific one from “cinematic” to more! It will adjust your listening experience based on what you plan on listening to whether it be EDM or a war video game! You can also control the intensity of the shoe… You are truly the master of your own concert.

With everything going on in our world, DROPLABS is happy to partake in making a better change. They are now working with When We All Vote organization, as they are focusing on supporting everyone to register to vote. Some artists such as Justin Park (who is about to drop a brand new song later this month) and Bonnie McKee (Katy Perry’s songwriter) absolutely love DROPLABS and have showed their full support throughout this process as well.

When I first tried these sneakers I couldn’t contain my smile for HOURS and haven’t stopped using the shoes since! Two of the first song I listened to were BOOM and LIT by Lay Zhang…And let me tell you what great picks! Make sure to get your pair and tailor the most unique and personal listening experience of your life!

Founder & CEO of DropLabs

Susan Paley is the founder and CEO of DropLabs, a first-of-its-kind tech company on a mission to enable the world to feel sound from the ground up. With their first release, a sneaker called the EP 01, DropLabs integrates audio technology and footwear to deliver a truly immersive audio-sensory experience you can feel throughout your entire body. Over the course of her 20+ year career in consumer technology, Susan has been the driving force behind some of the most innovative consumer products. Most notably, Susan was the initial CEO of Beats By Dre, where she successfully guided all aspects of the company’s unparalleled growth to make it the #1 headphone provider globally.