While technology has allowed us to feel connected during isolation, it has also meant we have been exposed to an extreme amount of blue light exposure. Dermatologists have confirmed that too much blue light exposure can dry and dull your skin while also reducing elasticity. Fortunately, City Beauty has the perfect dual-action moisturizer that will work against exposure and restore your skin to its healthiest state.

City Beauty’s Blue Defense HydroGel is a lightweight gel-based moisturizer that delivers superior hydration for up to 72 hours thanks to its dual-hyaluronic acid formula. As a result, skin appears more youthful, as if it’s been “plumped from within.” Additionally, advanced ingredients help minimize signs of aging accelerated by blue light exposure. The total effect is that your skin will regain a smooth, firm, and youthful appearance. Key ingredients include:

  • Resynchronizing Leaf Extract – This rare plant extract supports healthy skin by promoting the natural detoxification, rehydration, and recalibration of skin cells. B-Circadin supports skin cells’ natural circadian rhythm so they’re less prone to fatigue caused by Blue Light sources. After a one-month trial, studies showed an incredible 35% improvement in complexion: dramatically brighter skin and a more uniform skin tone. As a result, the skin looks healthier, rested, and more radiant.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Complex – Gives skin a smoother, softer look and feel with the help of lab-tested, moisture-rich ingredients. Using an advanced form of Hyaluronic Acid — combined with skin-binding HMC molecules and seven additional moisture-boosting nutrients — The result is a luminous, healthy-looking complexion.
  • Intensive Hydration Blend – Targets dryness-induced lines by giving the skin a dual-action “thirst relief” solution. First, it attracts water deep within your skin for immediate moisturization. Then, by forming a seal on top of your skin’s outer layer, it helps prevent moisture evaporation — allowing your skin to retain water for continual, long-lasting hydration. After a three-day scientific trial, HydrovitonⓇ PLUS users had 10%3 more skin moisture than the control group, even after 72 hours.4 As a result, skin appears noticeably more supple, plump, and youthful.

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