You might know ericdoa from a plethora of things – Fortnite radio guy, Euphoria guy, and most recently, “imagine of Ninja got a low taper fade” guy. However, ericdoa is much more than a memeable TikTok guy, in fact, he is one of the upcoming stars in the hyperpop scene and one of my favorite artists. The virality he is experiencing on TikTok at the moment is actually great press for the hyperpop artist’s 3rd studio album, titled DOA. DOA releases January 19th with a 10 song tracklist:

1. the cake is a lie

2. dancinwithsomebawdy

3. ​bigassbearman

4. ‎kickstand

5. ​paystub 

6. arm and a leg 

7. ​lastjune 

8. imcoolimgoodimstraight 

9‍. crisis actor

10. sweet tooth

Following the success of his past projects and his recent virality on social media, it’s not far fetched to assume that ericdoa is going to have a big 2024. If the leaks I’ve heard recently are any indication of the overall sound of the album, I’m willing to bet that he is.