Electronic artist, multi-instrumentalist and experimental producer Kristian Wang, who performs under the moniker of Didi + Ping, spoke with us at VULKAN about his latest release “Take Flight,” and his experience as an artist. His music stands out as he uses different sounds to “ground his music.” With music and natural surroundings, he is able to create sounds like never before. ” ‘Take Flight’ will have you flying high and never wanting to come down!”

How are you feeling since the release of your new deep house single “Take Flight?”

I’m excited to move forward and create more music! I dedicate my mind and heart to every song, so after releasing one it allows me to mentally reset and refresh for my next creation.

If you could fly, where would you go?

I wouldn’t want to land! I’d fly as high as possible so that I could look down and see how tiny our cities are. I’d soar across mountain ranges from so high up I’d mistake them for flat ground.

What was the creative process like? Favorite memory of producing it?

I explored the melody first, and then built everything else around that. I wanted the piece to sound almost anthemic – something joyous and ecstatic that would come from flying. Freedom is a big idea that I kept at the forefront with this song.

Share with us the inspiration behind integrating sounds from your natural surroundings. 

I think the main reason I incorporate non-computer sounds is to ground my music. Some natural context can help keep the piece a bit organic, rough around the edges, and raw. That being said, if I were to make a song centered around technology, I’d most likely not include animal noises, or wind – it all depends on what I’m going for. “Take Flight” is, naturally, a song about the freedom of flight, so I think the sound of birds works. They’ve evolved to experience that freedom every single day. Be ready, though – a futuristic song could be in the works, and believe me, what you’d hear would be far from ‘natural’ 😉

Tell us about a magical time in nature. Why was it so eye opening?

A recent time I can think of was in the Rockies of Alberta – my girlfriend and I took switchbacks up to a valley that was surrounded by mountain peaks. They were like these massive sentinels. I felt immense bliss there, like I had stepped into a giant Earth-y cathedral. I love moments like that.

What was your family dynamic like growing up?

I grew up with my mom, dad, and my two younger siblings. It was great, more love than one could ever hope for in a family. My siblings and I had our disagreements, but we also had lots of fun. My parents were very adaptable, and did a phenomenal job deciding when to protect us and when to give us more freedom.  I’m ridiculously grateful for the environment I was raised in.

Who had the strongest influence on who you are today?

My entire family influences me every day. For ‘Take Flight,’ I think my biggest was probably my dad. I had him in mind making this piece – a fun, uplifting, epic song for him to dance to.

What do you hope your audience feels when listening to your music?

I don’t hope people feel a certain way, but I do hope they consume my music in their own way. I’ve had people tell me my music relaxes them, or pumps them up, or takes them on a journey. It’s entirely personal. That’s what I want.

Where do you see yourself going next?

I’m currently focused on making a song each month, with the last one being March 2022. If I pull through with that, I may double from there, making 2 songs each month. Or maybe an album. Who knows? I’d also love to play some live shows of epic proportions, in big clubs (when they open) as well as outside! Festival shows would be incredible – I think my music would be perfect for that! People need to dance now more than ever!

Your true purpose?

Right now it’s creating beautiful music each month until March 2022.

Plans for 2021?

I’m location scouting in the wild for doing shows!


Extended Mix of “Take Flight:” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=87hGa166YQk

DSP/Streaming Link: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/didiping/take-flight-2