Fans can finally walk in the shoes of Breaking Bad’s Walter White in a new interactive experience. From the people who brought you Saved By The Max, Good Burger, and Peach Pit, Sony’s Breaking Bad Experience will open October 16th in West Hollywood. The insta-worthy pop-up hopes to bring the world of the cult-favorite show to life to celebrate Netflix’s upcoming El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Vince Gilligan’s critically acclaimed crime drama centered around Walter White, who when diagnosed with lung cancer, turns to a life of crime selling crystal meth.

The unique story comes to life in set re-creations from all five seasons of the show. Fans and foodies alike can enjoy a Breaking Bad inspired menu of drinks and bar snacks. Attendees can order a do-it-yourself reactive cocktail, Heisenburger Sliders, Loaded SAUlsa Nachos and more themed items. Sony is excited to bring us their most immersive concept yet; a nostalgic experience to be enjoyed by super-fans of the show, food instagrammers, and people looking for a fun day in LA.

Gilligan is excited to give back to the fans who have supported the show since 2008 with this immersive experience. Experience Walt’s world firsthand by paying a visit to LA’s version of Albuquerque, New Mexico. $30 tickets will get you into the experience for 90 minutes with a free drink and food item. Find yourself in the exclusive world of Breaking Bad starting October 16th.

By Sonja Grunfeld