As an award-winning actress, singer, bestselling author, and entrepreneur, Baby Ariel has become a household name over the last few years, capturing an audience of over 50 million across her social media platforms.  From being called the “Queen of Gen Z” and “one of the most influential people on the Internet” by TIME Magazine two years in a row, gracing the cover of Billboard Magazine, and landing a spot on Forbes’ list of “top entertainment influencers,” Ariel launched her career on TikTok where she quickly turned her dedicated fan base into a bonafide international business.

Today, Baby Ariel’s released her debut EP, “blue.” Written by her, the deeply personal six track album intertwines dark and edgy themes with poignant and ethereal elements. Recorded at home throughout the pandemic, “blue” marks a new moment in Ariel’s musical journey as she recently left a deal with a major label to forge her way independently. 

A departure from her previous bubble-gum pop persona, the album opens with “charlie,” a song that follows the inner turmoil that a teenage girl faces as she’s seduced by none other than cult-leader Charles Manson. “charlie” seamlessly flows into a haunting cover of Maroon 5’s “moves like jagger.” Elsewhere on the album, “heaven” is a wistful and tender track with swirling guitars, gentle piano, and a melodic bass line.

Make sure you check it out….And kick off the weekend!


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