Kiana Madeira, who stars in “Trinkets,” not only gained an incredible experience…she also gained an additional family and enough love “for a lifetime.” Working hard every day, the talented actress recognizes the importance of care and love–especially in these trying times. Taking charge of her life with full force and light, here at VULKAN we can’t wait to see what kind of role Madeira plays next on and off screen!

By Alexandra Bonnet

What is something the director told you on set of “Trinkets,” that had a strong impact on you?

Sara St. Onge was the first director of Season 1, and she was the director who helped create the family that we had on set and off set. When we all arrived in Portland and embarked on our “Trinkets” journey, Sara stressed the importance of caring for each other as artists and as humans. She reminded us that the crew can change, directors will change, but our cast will be our constant- and because of that, the way we treat and respect each other will set the tone for everything else. I think that really resonated with all of us because I truly feel like the love we cultivated will last a lifetime.

Describe to us a typical day on set.

This is what a typical day on set looks like to me: It begins when I arrive at basecamp (this is where all of our trailers are lined up). I head into my trailer and start playing music (for “Trinkets,” I usually played Baby Rose or The 1975). Then our lovely Assistant Director will come and ask if we want any breakfast (even if the call time is 5:00 pm, it is ALWAYS called breakfast) and I’ll order refried beans with a side of avocado. Next, it will be time to head to the hair and make-up trailer to get all prettied up. After that I’ll change into my first wardrobe look of the day and head to set! I always bring a book or my journal to set in case I get any downtime between scenes or camera setups. The rest of the day consists of filming, laughing, occasional naps, a lunch break, and back to more acting! A typical day on set is 12 hours long and honestly, there is no place I’d rather be.

Who was someone you connected strongly with?

I connected strongly with Odiseas Georgiadis who plays Noah. He has such a welcoming energy, and his faith in God constantly inspired me and surrounded me with love and positivity. We also have the same sense of humor, so we just crack jokes all day long- it’s great.

You are also leading the cast in “Fear Street.” What was the most challenging part of this role?

“Fear Street” was my first time leading a film, let alone a trilogy! I had an immense desire to be a part of the project ever since my first audition for it. I knew that if given the opportunity to tell this story, I would have to give all of my energy to it and work harder than I ever have before. So inevitably, this was challenging at times! It was physically and emotionally exhausting and also incredibly beautiful and fulfilling.

Growing up, what were you always most afraid of?

This sounds so ridiculous, but when I was younger, I was afraid of the Quaker man!! You know, the image of the man on all of the Quaker products? I refused to walk down those aisles in the grocery store!!

Best advice to overcome one’s fears?

Faith!! My favorite bible verse is 2 Timothy 1:7, and it says, “For God did not give us a spirit of fear and timidity, but one of power, love, and self-discipline.” This reminds me that we are not meant to harbor fear. Fear does not need to have any power over us.

How have your past projects affected who you are as an actress today?

I think every single role that I have been fortunate enough to play has led me to be so much more confident in my own skin and has encouraged me to approach my characters with fearlessness. Every moment that I’ve spent on set has fueled my passion for acting. It’s a playground, and I feel so liberated and comfortable when I’m given that space to play. I’m learning so much about myself with every character that I embody.

With everything going, what important message would you like to get out to the world right now?

We need to lead with love, in all things. We are all made equal and we all have the capacity to love in a way that can change the world. We need to practice patience and understanding, which is incredibly difficult given how social media is so prevalent in our world. We are constantly consuming bad news and the opinions of others, and I just want to remind people to disconnect sometimes. In order to cultivate the authentic love, faith, and kindness that we have in our hearts, we need to spend time in our natural state; off of technology and social media.

How do you find balance in your life?

It’s not always easy, it’s definitely an ongoing journey! What really helps me find balance is sharing time with loved ones. When I’m surrounded by love, it reminds me that life is a blessing and every day is not guaranteed. It helps me snap out of the workaholic mode that I sometimes find myself in. I also find that spending time in nature helps with balance! My hammock is my saving grace.

Tell us something about yourself that most people do not know.

On my birthday one year, I decided that I was going to be left-handed. I spent my whole life being right-handed, and decided it was time for a change! Haha. So, I started writing with my left-hand and still do! Fun fact: in episode 1 of season 1 of “Trinkets,” you’ll catch Moe scribbling a note to Elodie with her right hand, and then every other time we see her write, it’s her left hand!

What is your biggest dream right now?

My biggest dream right now is for all humans to be treated equally. It’s time for violence, poverty, and racism to come to an end. The way that Black people in America are being treated is heartbreaking, and although the roots of oppression run deep, I dream that we can be the generation to rip them out and begin anew. Perhaps then, we can unite and work towards healing our whole planet and everyone living in it.

Photo Credit by Lane Dorsey