Excuse me, but did you just say 7-Eleven and Nike are going to be releasing a shoe? Together?

Yes, yes I did.

Nike has never shied away from tapping into eccentric and unique designs when it comes to its widely popular brand of shoe, and with their most recent collaboration with the international convenience store chain 7-Eleven, the brand proves just why their iconic swoosh continues to dominate in shoe production and distribution.

In true 7-Eleven fashion, the shoe is reminiscent of the convenience store’s signature Big Gulp, and features an embroidered 7-Eleven logo near the heel of the show, along with an all leather orange heel, a green tone toward the center of the shoe, a red tone toward the toe of the shoe, as well as Nike’s signature swoosh on the side of the shoe to complete the iconic design.



Photo: Instagram

By Matt Koger