The partnership between Chief Bottura and Gucci…

On February 17th, Gucci will open a restaurant on the top floor of its flagship store on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills with Italian, Chef Massimo Bottura. 

Massimo Bottura’s dishes explore the deep roots of the Italian kitchen while making references to history, art and philosophy. Internationally renowned, three Michelin star restaurant, Osteria Francescana is located in his hometown of Modena and was named number 1 on the World’s 50 best restaurants list in 2016 and 2018. He also manages the first Gucci Osteria in Florence and collaborates once again with the luxury brand. 

The Beverly Hills restaurant will reflect a more American flavor and will be using organic ingredients from California but with an “Italian touch.” Vegetarian dishes will and more seafood will be serve than at the original restaurant in Italy. The menu includes Parmigiano Reggiano, cream tortellini, the renowned Emilia burger, and other delicious dishes! 

Since this is a Gucci-branded restaurant, an elegant dining room has been decorated of bold red and pale green hues, elegant dark marble tabletops, wicker armchairs and vintage looking plates. The restaurant’s outdoor terrace overlooks Rodeo Drive for a view of the luxurious shopping boulevard!

Get your reservations on websiteStarting february 7th!

By Justine Duclaux

Photo : Website