Will Coleman 

Currently the manager at La Ropa Land on Melrose, Will Coleman is part of the brand and living “La Ropa Life!” Fashion evidently plays an important role in his life which he also turned into a job. A tie-dye artist himself, he handles creating those designs for the store! As a kid, he didn’t have the money to afford the clothes he liked–that many times his parents would disapprove of– and now he has got it all. Dressing with the keyword “kid” in mind, Will channels his inner kid in all his looks: “I am all about personal expression so anything I can do to extenuate my personality through my visual look, that’s what I am going for.” A dream come true comes in two forms for him: living freely while gaining success but also looking out for kids and supporting youth culture. “Looking out for kids, making sure they have the right info, doing the right things, striving for the right goals…” Oh and of course, start a family of his own! Intervention to him is someone who steps in and helps guide us when we can’t guide ourselves. Never for their interest but solely ours. Keep at it Vulkaner, Will!