Usually we don’t talk about Fight Club, but this time we do. The Taiwanese- American musician Polartropica dreams a very specific dream, namely to eat waffles and watermelon with her bunny Ronnie in a desert hot spring spa in the middle of the wildflower bloom. She is based in LA, and punk to her symboliz- es an entity rebelling against accepted societal norm, culture, authority, op- pressive and discriminatory systems, which sounds like a very punk answer to us. Her most punk experience however, includes the time she threw a secret un- derground Fight Club themed New Year’s party to both promote community and self-defense for her QTBIPOC+ friends, fans and allies, and also the release of the music video for her song ‘Give Them Hell.’ Sounds like Polartropica knows how to throw a party, and next time we want an invite!

Photo courtesy – by Olivia Hemaratanatom  , Written by Adrienne Strand