D’Mahdness Lavaughn


D’Mahdness went from living in Connecticut to moving to New York for five to end up here in the city of stars! Currently, he works for Tom of Finland where he does the marketing and social media and on the side, he has a TikTok! Definitely someone with a great sense of style, he described it plain and simple: “Practicality in fashion is very important to me. I want to be able to do jumps, flips. I want to be comfortable and still fashionable,” and of course, let’s not forget his signature accessory: his keys! One day, he hopes to run his own fashion house empire for everything from social media content to marketing (his favorite class in school) and more. “I want to create a safe space for queer people like myself to be able to do the same thing.” Seeing intervention as way of switching things up, it’s not secret that things can get a little stale and repetitive so it’s important to expand! “I love intervention. I think it’s a place for change and allows opportunity to blossom and grow.” Well said, Vulkaner, D’Mahdness!