VIVIENNE HU has excitingly released the Digital Lookbook of her FW 2022 collection at New York Fashion Week which takes its own spin of the Arabian Desert. Truly a fun and unique collection, the brand is also collaborating with SAGA FURS this season, marking its fourth collaboration with them in New York fashion week. VULKAN is about fashion and living on the edge–in terms of clothing of course– and we love what this brand has to offer!

About The FW22 Collection

Vivienne Hu’s FW22 collection is inspired by the neutral and dark tones of the vast Arabian Desert and the animals that live in the sands. The Arabian Desert is a wilderness of light sand-colored terrain with black lava flowing and reddish systems of desert dunes. You’ll see tones of olive, brown, and black in this collection as well as distinct animal prints inspired from the animals that live in this extreme desert. The prints and fabrics in this collection will make one feel as if they are watching the desert come to life.

About The Designer

If you are looking for something that combines classic European elegance, New York downtown style, and an exotic Asian taste, let us introduce you to Vivienne Hu. She has lived on all three continents so mixing these tastes comes easy to her.

Vivienne Hu’s designs are inspired by where she has lived but also by her travels. Since Vivienne Hu started her own line in 2012, the brand’s collections have been based on her travels in Jordan, Dunhuang, Denali, and so forth. Even though these places sound exotic, still, the heart of the brand is European luxury which incorporates a timeless lifestyle.

Vivienne Hu has traveled extensively but she has also lived in China, Germany, and the US. With many stories, dreams, and goals in mind, get to know more about this designer in the exclusive interview below…