Terror has a new home…

Our favorite freckled-face-knife-wielding ginger is coming to the silver screen. Chucky, the main bad boy from the cult favorite “Child’s Play” franchise is getting his own TV series over at SyFy. The network, once a home to straight-to-DVD slasher flicks and science-fiction shows like “The Expanse,” have broadened their slate, expanding to more strict horror content like “Channel Zero,” an anthology series based on popular internet horror stories.

The TV series (which is tentatively titled “Chucky” as of now), comes on the heels of 2019’s reboot “Child’s Play” starring Aubrey Plaza, however “Chucky” will follow the continuity of the original film series — which culminated with 2017’s “Cult of Chucky” — with the original writer Don Mancini returning as scribe for the series. Also returning is Brad Dourif as the voice of Charles Lee Ray, a serial killer who possess the doll (hence the doll’s nickname, Chucky). David Kirschner (“Hocus Pocus”) and Nick Antosca (showrunner for “The Act”) will serve as executive producers, alongside Mancini.

This TV series adaptation follows a trend of films being adapted into a TV series; most recently, “Parasite,” being developed by director Bong Joon Ho over at HBO.


By Michael Jacobo

Photo: NBCUniversal