If you are in need of a warm, yet rewarding and revealing documentary about the ups and downs of running a small Mom-and-Pop Adult Book Store, then you are absolutely going to want to tune into Netflix’s Circus of Books. 

The one hour and twenty seven minute documentary is presented in a rather sincere way, due to the fact that the filmmaker is the couples daughter, Rachel Mason. Her presence alone keeps the authenticity alive by creating an atmosphere for her parents, Karen and Barry that is comfortable and somewhat “familiar”.

What makes this documentary so special, is that her parents do not shy away from expressing emotions that would otherwise be hidden and repressed to the general public. Instead, we get to see people be people; and best of all, we get to see their passion as they examine and question the longevity of their once live adult book store.

Not too many people are aware, but the shop was once a haven for Los Angeles’ LGBTQ+ community. Not only could they find books that included them within their narratives, but also found strength and support in each other.

Check out the trailer below, only on Netflix!

Photo: Netflix

By Matt Koger