Sylvan Lewis


Photographer and musician from Paris, Sylvan Lewis describes his style as a mix be- tween thrift store and haute couture. Of course, the most dominant piece in his closet would have to be a pair of leather pants! When asked about his dreams and aspirations, he opened up: “it would be to change the world with my music and my art and make a difference and make moneywhile making a difference.” He is definitely on the path to true success! When talking about domination, he explained how it makes him think directly of the relationship between the dominated and dominee. If it’s in a sexual context, he sees it as a telling that the relationship is cool and fun “but in a social and political context, I don’t think domination has a place in this world,” he added candidly. With a burst of laughter, he shared “I’m definitely a dom, dom dom dom, dom dom dom dom dom.” Welcome Vulkaner, Sylvan!