Silvio Rebholz + Lukas Marstaller


Design duo Silvio and Lukas are from Berlin, Germany. Having a practical orientated style, they believe their style comes from the need and the environment they are in. They opened up passionately, “a dream come true would be to continue doing what they are doing right now for work as designers which allows them to make a strong impact on other poeple.” Lukas is an Aquarius and Silvio is a Capricorn. They both have never been really deep in zodiac signs but whenever Lukas reads his daily horoscope, it matches surprisingly and for Silvio being a Capricorn and he is called out for being very ambitious due to that which he does not disagrees. Lukas is attracted to Saggitarius whereby Silvio is attacted to Virgos as he believe they are really nice people. Thanks for sharing Vulkaners, Silvio and Lukas!