Will Moncada


Bringing the heat from Columbia, Will Moncada currently lives in Los Angeles where he is pursuing his dreams and ca- reer as a model and influence! Every day is a new look as he dresses based on how he is feeling; “it is an expression of how I am feeling. I take whatever I need, I make it happen and I get creative,” he shared. The most dominant piece in his closet is not so much one piece of clothing but the notion of simple clothes to which he can add that extra something that makes it his own. Hoping to become a creative director for a big brand, Will loves to create art and learn about it. As he put with a warm heart, “I am always in the process of discovering myself through art, music, fashion, video, and social media.” And of course, to inspire other people. The word domination to him means power, the pow- er we have of expression and how we can dominate our thoughts. “I like that word, it’s kind of sexy.” Definitely a dom, he has his sub moments too! Welcome Vulkaner, Will!