Style & Substance : HASSIDRISS


HASSIDRISS is all about putting the individual forward rather than the piece of clothing that is being worn. Having started painting at the age of 11, Hass moved to London at the age of 18 where he pursued his dreams in fine arts. Curating much knowledge an experience so young, there is no surprise that he is where he is today! Leading a “creative army where he tailors garments that put the woman forward rather than the garment itself,” he combines pieces from vintage old school techniques all the way to state of the art technology. Only working with the finest quality materials, Hassidriss is truly a beautiful, eccentric, and unique brand!

Tell us more about the brand’s history and how it came to be.

I started off as a Central Saint Martin student, very confused between the world of fine art and the world of fashion. I thought the only place they would meet was in fashion photography, but that changed very quickly when I created my first collection. I then opened my own couture house in Lebanon and interest shuffled quickly from a loud clear message of fashion advertising to a quiet secretive message of individuals during their fittings; the way they saw themselves, what they were trying to hide, what image they wanted to show others etc.

In what ways did your vision for the style evolve?

My vision in style evolved a lot technically, creating the perfect garment that can flatter the different body shapes and still have perfectly clean finishing. I had the opportunity to work with different types of women from around the globe with different body types and styles, all wanting to look thinner, taller and younger. “Few years into my career, I realized that my main client became the camera. Not only is social media a bigger platform now rather than thephysical social world, but clients also observe themselves more throughpictures rather than the old mirror. So contouring my subject with colors and creating optical illusions became a major factor in any garment process. Going darker on the sides to elongate the figure, creating a traine to a fuller figure ‘meant for people to stand in front of her for pictures’ to make her look smaller in the final image etc. Many little tricks of thetriad came to fruition.”

What are your top trending pieces? What about your favorite piece?

Since Covid, our main trending garment was our wedding dresses. However, I have to admit that lately, I have a little obsession with everything metallic (not sparkles).My favorite piece at the moment is a nude see through bodysuit that is all hand threaded. The hand threading itself looks like scarification, displaying psychedelic/Ancient Arabic medicinal patterns. It’s a piece that says so much and so little at the same time.

Describe the Summer collection and that you hope it brings to those who wear it?

My Summer collection is very earthy and very skin toned. It is a post corona, liberating, progressive, feminist, sexy and empowering collection.

In your opinion, how have you dominated the world of fashion?

I still have not dominated the world of fashion, but watch out! It’s going to happen!

How does your brand stand out from others in the same category? What makes you unique?

In the world of couture, most designers focus on making their client look rich and expensive. The princess aesthetic of very sparkly, voluminous dresses is mainly invading the catwalks. I personally find this approach outdated, misogynistic, and in many ways objectifies women and puts a limit to their dream, even as a fantasy. Our brand, on the other hand, focusses on looking humble, effortless, strong and empowering; It somewhat portrays the image of a warrior Goddess with super powers.

If you could be a piece of clothing, what would it be and why?

If I were to be a piece of clothing, I would like to be corset. I will have your back, make sure you stand proud, cover your most vulnerable secrets, and help carry everything you have on your chest, no matter how heavy, using strong solid pillars (boning).

Who is a designer you are inspired by?

I obviously have a ton of respect for many designers, but there is no one in particular that inspires me. Having said that, I have to admit I do have a special appreciation and admiration to how innovative the work of Iris Van Herpen is.