On a warm June day at the Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills, modern sound healing company, Altha, hosted a sound bath like no other.  Trading in a traditional sound healing studio for a helipad, Altha decided to take their sound bath to the next level.

Combining their background in event design and their passion for sound healing, they were able to curate an impactful and transformational sound medicine experience that also included a unique lifestyle component. This special event consisted of a multi-healer fully immersive sound bath that took place on the helipad located on the very top floor of the luxury hotel. 

Once guests made their way to the 16th floor and embarked upon the helipad, they were greeted by sprawling 360-degree views of Los Angeles – all the way from the Hollywood Hills to Downtown LA. Tranquil, healing music played in the background as guests made their way to their designated spots adorned with their bespoke gift bags, a fragrance roller from Inara, and a custom sage and crystal bundle.

Once settled into their healing spaces, the sound bath began with Altha founder, Letizia Silvestri, leading a bespoke scent journey with Inara, a neuroscience backed experimental fragrance brand.  

As the sound bath commenced the guests were guided through the signature Altha sound journey – the five healers providing individual healings throughout the session to make the experience as immersive as possible. 

As guests returned to their surroundings, the sun had begun to set over Los Angeles and the helipad was covered by a soft, warm, orange glow. Guests took one last inhale into their hands to savor the delicious Inara signature scent while they admired the beautiful golden hour views of LA.

Accompanied by a new sense of tranquility and harmony, the guests descended back into their evening. In attendance of this one of a kindevent was, among others, Claudia Salinas, Natalie Golba, Max Ehrich, Tiffany Stanley, and Garrett Thomas. 

To discover more about how Altha is taking sound healing to a whole new level, check out their website and Instagram page