According to the National Sleep Foundation nearly a third of U.S. adults have experienced insomnia. It’s no surprise the average American has trouble sleeping. Busy lifestyles caused by stress at work in addition to maintaining a social and personal life can impact the quality and quantity of an average night’s sleep. It is important to discuss ways to improve healthy sleeping habits for a balanced and productive daily life.

Introducing Cut&Dry, an LA-based lifestyle cannabis brand. This past February, the brand launched their first product, 3.5 gram bags of flower that highlight and enhance life’s daily experiences – Work, Play, and Rest. Studies have shown that lack of sleep has significant effects on productivity, mood, and stress levels. Cut&Dry’s Rest strain, was developed to specifically target sleepless nights and issues pertaining to sleep deprivation and insomnia. Among the products:

  • “Rest” is an Indica-dominant strain to bring on feelings of relaxation and calmness that contribute to a better and healthier sleep schedule.

  • “Work” is Sativa-dominant strains designed to increase productivity and creativity. For those who need a bit of energy and uplifting.

  • “Play” is the opportunity to choose your own adventure between Sativa-dominant and Indica-dominant strains.

More about Cut&Dry:
LA-based cannabis brand Cut & Dry has launched their first product line of flower with the brand promise of premium quality at an affordable price. Founders of Cut & Dry are experienced cultivators who partner with vetted farmers to bring the best quality cannabis to market without the high costs. The brand will attract you with good branding, keystone pricing, curation and quality, and deliver it at an affordable price point. The brand name is no accident – they want to make buying cannabis cut and dry. Cut & Dry aims to be a consistent product in retail and delivery locations throughout Southern California. Learn more about the brand at