Skye Drynan embodies what it means to be a strong, successful, beautiful, and innovative woman. From biotech to fashion, she has come a long way from working at her dad’s gift store in Whitefish, Montana to launching “House of Skye.” Despite all the obstacles, Skye has never given up as she continues to climb upwards as an entrepreneur, fashion designer, business owner, and empowering woman. Recently, the “House of Skye” line became exclusively available in the Amazon Fashion store at launch, where US customers can discover new fashion-forward trends. And now, her SexyBack Bra has joined the House of Skye family.

Ladies, I hope you are sitting down for this one. Tired of having to choose between a bra, no bra, and sometimes changing outfits because your torso just didn’t look right? Tired of the constant battle between comfort and style? Skye saw those issues and decided to do something about it… Create a bra like no other. The SexyBack Bra has 22 tabs that allow you to adjust and wear it in multiple ways. Whether you wish to wear a dress backless, strappy, strapless, halter, open-back and more, this bra can adapt to it! The SexyBack Bra is also the only bra on the market that provides backless support you can count on!

“My versatile and beautiful SexyBack Bra empowers you to wear backless fashions with confidence. My SexyBack Bra’s unique straps and cozy support make it a key staple in your closet.”-Skye Drynan

SexyBack Bra has five patents in more than 88 countries and comes in four different styles: blush, black, rose gold, and gunmetal. Perfect for every dress, you are sure to feel empowered, sexy, and comfortable all in one! Skye Drynan is truly an amazing woman who had a dream, had an idea, and made opportunities happen. With the SexyBack Bra, a new fashion trend has been set and will revolutionize the way women feel and look while going out, during an important business meeting, and more!

On behalf of the female population, thank you Skye!

By Alexandra Bonnet