2020 has proven to be quite difficult on many levels as it has changed the way our world works dramtically. From how we must protect ourselves to how we shop and much more, we find ourselves feeling at a loss in certian areas as we try to make due with our current situation. Love, for one, has most likely been tested dramatically but that shouldn’t mean we should let it be affected negatively by the virus.Were you planning on proposing when all this happened? Need an engagement ring but leaving the house to do so is not highly recommended…Look no further.

VOW by Ring Concierge’s has now released their Home Try-On Box! The box allows you to try three rings for one week to see how the shape looks on your finger. The box includes also a nail polish for you to keep to show off that perfect nailfile to your friends and family! All you do is select your top three favorite VOW by RC rings, snap some shots, return your kit and you will receive a credit for building your dream engagement ring with Ring Concierge.

As we continue to evolve and figure out how to adapt to everything, remember to make room for love and check out their website! As the saying goes… LOVE CONQUERS ALL!