The UOMA Pride Month & Juneteenth Celebration Launch Event for UOMA by Sharon C for WALMART was produced by CEO, Founder & Creative Director of the black-owned beauty brand, UOMA Beauty, Sharon Chuter, and was attended by celebrities and the biggest names in beauty and social media at Hyde Sunset. The event took place on Friday, June 18th, and featured a surprise musical performance by legendary music artist Wiz Khalifa.

Celebrity attendees included Wiz Khalifa, Ashlee Simpson, Jordyn Woods, Elizabeth Woods, Slick Woods, Mario Lopez, Jasmine Tookes, SJ Bleau, Mario Lopez, Evan Ross, Cassie Scerbo, Madison Pettis, Dartes Kelly, Khaneshia “KJ” Smith, Jasmine Sanders, Skyh Black, Sarah Jones, Todrick Hall, Shaun Ross, Jackie R. Jacobson, Lindsey Shaw, Shahd Batal, Marcela Iglesias, Aaliyah Jay, Hayley Herms, Nazanin Kavari, Samantha Ware, Joy Osmanski, Melissa L. Williams, Alex Meneses, Lisa Yaro, Aysha Harun, Brendan Jordan, Mea Wilkerson, Shelby Jaems, Michael Franklin, Alonzo B. Slater, Reagan Yorke, Margie Plus, Broderick Hunter, Carrie Bernans, Riley Hubatka, Mhair Zeitounian, Kathy Kolla, Laila Odom, Legendary Damon, Richard Nevels, Norman Towns, Johnny Kritsberg, Jordan Huxhold, Maddy Crum, Zoi Lerma, Peyton Jordan, Chel, Nyesha Arrington, Donny Savage, Tara Mirshokraei, Sav Palacio, Terrell Ransom, Darius Marcell, Cas Jerome, Coco and Breezy, Karlee Perez, Tati Mitch, Kinya Claiborne, Kanou AWTA, Emmy Combs, Autumn Swinbank, Sadaf Beauty, Wizard Kelly, Siobhan Bell, Auti Angel, Ethan Shiri, Adolfo Sanchez, Angel Moret, Jayden Robison, Kyle Shaffer, Maad, Mehki Letreigh, Pablo Kaestu, Max Talisman, Alyssa Ljubicich, Kinya Claiborne, Ben Elkayam, among many others.

Guests arrived at HYDE SUNSET in Los Angeles, CA, for cocktails and were transported into an amplified sustainable environment as they were greeted with a plethora of greenery and bold activist imagery. The carbon-neutral event opened with an eco-friendly carpet to celebrate PRIDE Month and to kick off the Juneteenth celebration, an HBCU marching band played. Guests enjoyed carnival dancers, free product giveaways, a station with jewelry artists who created bejeweled installations on guests’ faces and wrote personalized messages paired with a tree sponsored by UOMA. The event was sustainable and addressed social and environmental issues while positively impacting the community. Glowing hot pink lights inside the venue created an immersive and visually powerful setting.
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Photo courtesy of Sharon Chuter