For those of you who watch Power Rangers, you may know Liana Ramirez as the evil yellow one but that’s not her only identity. Having just released her first novel, “The Secrets Within Me,” the young actress and writer has finally put her thoughts to paper. It was years ago that all the characters of her book seemed to have come alive and today she gets to share them with the rest of the world. Beauty, brains, and class, Ramirez is on an uphill climb. Here at VULKAN, we can’t wait to see where she goes next.

What made you transition from acting to writing?

I wouldn’t say I transitioned from acting to writing, instead I am doing both simultaneously! They are both passions of mine that I do at the same time, in fact I finished “The Secrets Within Me” in between takes on the set of “Power Rangers: Beast Morphers.”

The Secrets Within Me is your debut novel. What was the most challenging part about writing a novel?

I definitely did the whole writing a book thing wrong when I first started. I started writing TSWM for fun because I loved the story so much. When I realized I wanted to write professionally, my story was like a skeleton, missing so many of the muscles and ligaments that made a good story. The most challenging part of writing this novel was adding all the flesh and bones and going back and forth for almost 4 years with editors trying to fix all the story problems. It took forever but, it was more than worth it. So advise for any aspiring authors out there, outline your book before your begin writing! It will save you so much time and heartache.

What compelled you to write a mythological fantasy versus any other genre?

When the idea of TSWM popped into my head, it was clear to me that I didn’t want to write any other genre. I wanted to tell this story more than anything and tell it the way it wanted to be told. I was so in love it.

The main character is a young teen named Magi Davis. Was she inspired by anyone in particular?

Actually, Magi was inspired by me. I loved this story so much that I decided to put a piece of myself into the book through Magi. Her and I are incredible similar people and go through a lot of the same struggles and yet, Magi is also the person I wish I could become.

In the novel, Magi discovers that everyone in her life has been lying to protect her from Egyptian mythological forces. What inspired you to write on this topic? 

Oooo, this is hard question to answer without spoiling anything. I was inspired by the “What if’s” the story asked. Also I was inspired by incredible stories like Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Harry Potter, and more to write on this topic.

What can readers learn from Magi’s experience?

There are two big themes in the book that readers can learn from. Don’t let the fear in your life control you and never give up on your goals.

Who do you think should read The Secrets Within Me?

I think absolutely anyone would love TSWM. The book is a Young Adult novel, so anyone from the ages of 10-22 will mostly like enjoy it the most. But I have had many adults read it and rave about how much they loved it! So grateful!

What did you love most about creating these characters?

Oh man, I have had these characters in my head for so many years now, they feel like real people. It’s been amazing to shape their stories from the skeletons they were, to the fully fleshed out humans they are now. They all have brought me so much joy and have super special places in my heart.

Have you thought about potentially writing a sequel or continuing your writing career?

I will definitely be continuing my writing career. I have plans to write many more books and screenplays in the future. As for a TSWM sequel, well, now that’s a secret:)

What is next for you after the release of The Secrets Within Me?

I have some exciting acting roles in the works, continuing to promote my show “Power Rangers: Beast Morphers” which just came out on Netflix. Also, my film STAR LIGHT is beginning its film festival run and I’m thrilled about that. I have also officially begun my next writing project which will be announced very soon!

Thank you so much Vulkan for this lovely interview. Makes my heart so happy to talk about TSWM. Thank you so much and have a blessed day. -Liana Ramirez

By Sonja Grunfeld

Photos By Rob Echanique