Venice Skateboarding Stuff


Opened since 1998, Venice Skateboarding Stuff is more than just the first  skate shop to open on the boardwalk…it’s a piece of history. You see, a few decades ago, a small group of outcasts from a poor section of Los Angeles area known as Dogtown helped spur the resurgence of skateboarding which changed the world of skateboarding forever. In this shop, the top two walls in the back are the home for some of the OG legendary skaters’ boards, and signed! Oh, yes! As you go around the shop, you can find a variety of boards in different shapes and designs made for your unique style. When you look to your right, there is a photo of the store manager and Jay Adams who sadly passed away five years ago but his spirit remains in the heart of the skating world. Derrek, who has been working there for two years now, defined skating as “doing whatever I want to do, freedom of expression,” something we all need in our lives! Located on the Venice Boardwalk, this is one of THE skateshops to check out for its boards, it history, and its hang loose vibes.



Rip City Skates


Rip City Skates opened on April 1st 1978 and was the hub for young kids who were skaters or just had extra coins to play on the pinball machines all day. The owner, Jim, has been there since its opening and this beautiful family-owned shop has a true heart and soul. They are actually coming up on their 44th anniversary! Wow! Selling everything you need for skating from boards to protective gears, to comfortable clothing, they even have roller skates! Walking through that little shop is an experience in itself as you can feel the history in it. Over the years, Jim has seen waves of individuals of all ages and even the kids who are now much much older come by to reminisce. “Skating has an outlaw nature to it,” opened up Jim. It attracts different groups of people and brings them together. As Adam, a worker there shared, “skateboarding was the most important thing in my life when I was younger. It’s form of individual expression.”  Make sure to check them out and give a warm hello to Jim!



Bay Street Boards


A family-owned surf and skate shop in Santa Monica, California, Bay Street Boards is run by two brothers, Galeazzo and Sante, who grew up in this world. The store opened up back in 2014 and has become a hub for skaters and surfers looking for some of the best gear in Los Angeles! When meeting Sante, it was immediately apparent that surfing/skating was part of his person and his kindness was truly a breath of fresh air–especially is in this city. “My dad is a big surfer,” he shared. “When I started skating, it was the tip over.” Always working on making this shop a home and build a community of other skate/surf lovers, you not only shop for gear but also gain knowledge, heart, and friends! Take a look for yourself and enjoy all that Bay Street Boards has to offer.