From snowboard instructor to Nordstrom salesperson to head of FLOATIFIED, Drew Scollon represents hope, passion, and ambition. During the lockdown, things were tough (as I am sure many of us can relate to) and luckily for Drew, he found solace in riding his OneWheel (an electric self-balancing boardsport.)  Despite the world shutting down, this activity gave him the opportunity to explore the outside like never been. As he expressed, “oddly enough it was actually one of the best times of my life.” Recognizing the therapeutic aspect of it, the OneWheel rider decided to take it to the next level with this “Land Surfing,” which supports the treatment of issues such as addiction/substance abuse,  depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Drew offers lessons for birthday parties, team b building exercises, and more.

“It opened up a whole new realm of possibilities for exploration and adventure that I never would have dreamed of before finding the Onewheel,” shared owner of FLOATIFIED, Drew Scollon. “This change was so beneficial for my mental health that I realized I wanted to share the experience with others, especially those struggling with addiction and other mental health conditions.”

Seeing the light at the end of the dark tunnel, Drew inspires us to keep moving forward and find what fills us with light! So, why not give it a try?


Tell us about your first experience with a OneWheel.

My first experience with a OneWheel was just seeing someone riding it and just knew I had to have one. I ordered one that night without ever even riding one. I fell in love immediately, and it totally changed my life.

How do you go about getting people to join the OneWheel Community?

As soon as you get a onewheel you automatically become a part of the amazing Onewheel community and have hundreds of like-minded friends. The onewheel community is like no other community in that way. Everyone is super positive, active, adventurous, and fun-loving.

What are people’s initial reactions when you tell them you OneWheel?

Buying a onewheel was hands down the best money I’ve ever spent. Honestly, it’s worth 10 times more, the amount of fun and therapy it provided me is literally priceless. Onewheels literally have the power to change people’s lives, and anyone in the Onewheel community will tell you the same thing. They are nothing short of life-changing. I can’t imagine living without one now.

Can you dive deeper into how OneWheel saved you?

My experience with the Onewheel was so life-changing and therapeutic that I decided that I wanted to share the experience with as many people as possible, especially those struggling with mental health issues and addiction. I was inspired by the success of surfing as therapy and realized that onewheels had even more potential because you can literally ride a onewheel ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and are not limited by how close you live to the ocean or the conditions of the waves or even what time of day you want to go ride. No paddling and waiting and trying to catch a wave, you just hop on your board and you have unlimited turns.

The Onewheel saved me by giving me a fun new activity to replace bad habits, the motivation to get outside and explore the world, as well as a whole new group of positive, like-minded friends.

Why OneWheel? What does it mean to you?

Why Onewheel? It feels just like snowboarding. I grew up in Big Bear and snowboarding was my passion. Now that I live at the beach, getting up to the mountain every time I want to ride is impossible. Now I can basically go snowboarding ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. It has really been so therapeutic and beneficial for my mental health plus it provides freedom and unlimited potential for a fun adventure and a whole new realm of possibilities that never existed before.