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Hollywood’s go-to psychic, Jusstine Kaye has created an over- whelming reputation with stars and beyond. Jusstine has had a lifelong love affair with helping individuals transform their lives. She has researched, studied and developed many alternative healing modalities, which over the last thirty years, have beautifully blended together, creating the energy that powerfully comes through her work in each private session, the Heal Your Relationship Space download and the PsychicGirl Protection Program.

While you do mention it a bit on the site, was there a certain mo- ment that you realized you had psychic abilities? Was there ever a disbelief in what you were experiencing?

Growing up there was not an actual moment that I realized I was psychic. I resisted it for a very long time. We had a shoe store and my father was very intuitive. He used his psychic abilities like a party trick to wow customers as they were trying on shoes. He never sat me down and said I will be a psychic one day, he just wanted me to grow up and get a great sales job. I first started my career in fashion which I thought I will be doing for the rest of my life but the Universe had other plans. It all really came to me when I started finding myself spiritually which made me embrace my psychic part.

On your site, you do mention you may not always have a reading on someone that you conduct via a photo submission. Is that because a connection would be stronger in person than a photo? What would you say impedes you from having a reading?

I never try to say I could work with everyone which is the reason why I make people submit a photo and even tell me what they want help with. The thing is that everyone is in a different level of consciousness. Some of us are more developed than others. I am not really the psychic for everyone because I am really for the people who are looking for the truth. When someone expects me to predict their future husbands for example, “the color shirt they are wearing””What corner they will be standing on,” I will stay far away from those readings. My readings are more of a spiritual experience even though I have an incredible track record on calling specifics. It really has to do with where every– one is. Things in our life are “karmic.” Just because we ask a question , we are entitled to have the answers. Sometimes karma or patterning gets so intense the answers are not meant to be delivered this given time. That is why I do sessions with people I know I could help.


Do you find it difficult to sometimes have to share bad news during a reading?

I am in a position when I read , I never see it as bad news, It’s all about inspiring you, healing you and comforting you. That’s really the real reason for what psychic in- formation is about. I never see it with a negative eye, that these horrible things are going to happen to them because psychic ability is not about predicting gloom and doom. If I only see that and have to share this with people I will start losing my psychic ability that is not the kosher way to read. Usually It’s about sharing in- formation to help people to get answers that can help them best make decisions in their life about what they need to do.

You seem to positively use your powers to help people. Tell us about your heal- ing abilities. Most people view psychics as predicting the future via the use of tar- ot cards but they don’t necessarily think of them as healers. What insight can you give to someone who wants to visit a pyschic as a healer?

Everyone has psychic and intuitive abilities. What I have found, It’s really how much have you developed them. Reading over 30 plus years I found that just because you get an answer to something it doesn’t really determine the change in your life. I am all about helping people “undo,“”release,“”change” the pattern you’re experiencing in your life to have a different outcome and get what you want. Our life is a sum up of everything we have ever been through ; All of your past lives, what you have experienced in this life, even energy from your family genetic line. That is what’s been ruling over onto you creating your day to day experience which can be changed to a life full of freedom.

When do you recommend each type of healing? heart & house.
I do not really recommend anything, it all comes to your experience and what is needed. Heart : I can heal your relation- ship space, which improves your relation- ship with other people and yourself also if you are experiencing a heartbreak to get over it. This healing helps to clear out

past relationship wounds. House : If you live in a haunted house, or a house which is not selling could be fixed through psychic abilities.

You’ve tapped into reading, healing and providing protection. What kind of psychic abilities have you come to know of other people possessing?

All psychic abilities communicating with spirits who have passed over to the other side, does not mean they could see everything and know everything. Our life on the other side is the same just without a physical body. Anyone could say they have opened themselves to psychic etc but it all comes down to knowing how you could tap into the highest and best vs getting information from a spirit that is stuck onto the other side that wants attention. It doesn’t matter what form of divination you use, whether it’s tarot card or scrying like Nostradamus used, it’s all about communication with a spirit.

Are you able to perform readings on yourself?

I am not able to perform readings on myself. I am here just like everyone else trying to master life and death which is the main goal breaking the cycle coming back over and over again. This is a job for me as it requires intense energy , I am glad I could turn it on and off.

Can you share any stories (may keep people in it anonymously) that even blew you away? Like wow I did that?!

There is a situation where I gave a reading to someone who is the daughter of a very worldly known famous person who had publicly something happen to them. When she sat down in front of me to read her, she was consciously walking around asking herself if she had the ability to take the life of another person. It was one of the most shocking things I ever tuned into someone. I saw past life stuff that happened to her where she was abused and finally at one point cracked and fought back. In her current life she works in the creative fashion industry and the energy there was affecting her career and health. When I was healing I asked her to mention her fathers name so I could remove his energy out of her space as it has a lot to do with what’s been blocking and stopping her. I came to find out after the healing that some great stuff happened in her personal and career.