Chrystopher is an evidential medium, clairvoyant, clairaudient, claircognizant, & super empath with a passion for astrology and plant based living. He uses astrological + human design charts as multi-dimensional maps to help navigate life experience with more compassion and understanding while gaining access to one’s personal destiny and unlocking their full potential.

To begin, how would you describe an astro medium?

An astromedium is someone who is a psychic medium + intuitive astrologer in one. AstroMediumship uses the connection with spirit to receive specific information and guidance for the person and I use my psychic abilities to read the astrological + human design chart instead of just relying on basic astrological interpretations.

Your resume on your site is quite ex- tensive: chironic healer, awakening coach, physic medium, intuitive astrologer, spirit teacher and more. How did you tap into your gifts by specializing in all those abilities?

Many of these abilities have always been with me since birth even though I didn’t know or understand it for many years. It wasn’t until I went through a spiritualawakening known as “Kundalini Rising” that my gifts were blasted open and my life changed forever. Having already been a seeker of spiritual knowledge, an experiencer of UFO phenomenon, sensing spirit energies since childhood and teaching astrology since I was 19, by the time my spiritual awakening occurred, my life had already led me down several paths that I now realize was leading me here the whole time so it was just the push I needed to answer “the call” and do this full time.

Is there something people should NOT come to you for? Some sort of misinterpretation or myth on what your gifts can provide?

People should not come to me if they are looking for me to prove to them that the after-life exists or to resolve their skepticism. That is not the in- tention you should ever enter my sacred space with. It’s totally fine to be skeptical, I definitely was back in the day when I used to get readings and sought out intui- tive guidance. Hell, I still am pretty discerning but I am not here to read someone’s fortune or put on a show.The work I do is so much fun but it’s serious and much of my work centers around opening psychic abilities, healing deep trauma, coaching people who are experiencing difficult spiritual awakenings and creating communities of light workers. I have hadmany people tell me they were skeptical but I changed their mind about the after-life and spirits and I think that’s awesome but these people also came in wanting tospeak to someone or get specific questions answered and they were open to it being real and trusted that spirit brought them to me for a reason.


Would you say there are people who have these psychic abilities that haven’t tapped into their power /strengths? Any advice for anyone who would want to develop those abilities? Best advice for new astro mediums? Any dangers?

Yes! Everyone has some level of psychic ability or intuition and it’s actually our divine right as human beings to be psychic and telepathic and demonstrates a higher level of human intelligence than logic and critical thinking. But like singing, not everyone can use their abilities in the same way. If you are looking to expand your psychic abilities stop drinking tap water and using fluoride toothpaste, start working with sacred plant medicines whether in retreats and ceremonies or in micro-dosing protocols at home such ascacao, blue lotus, kanna, psilocybin, huachuma, etc. It’s also important to startusing tarot cards or pendulums to get you in touch with what it feels like to receive information. Most importantly, focus on dissolving your ego which is the biggest intuition blocker and try getting in touch with your inner child and your imagination. As the heart grows, so do your abilities and the best astro mediums are the ones with the most access to their vivid imagination.

On your website, you talk about being a smooth blend of science, spirituality and skepticism, being able to break down your craft to someone super “science minded”. How do you go about that?

Without going to deeply into concepts and taking us down any rabbit holes, most of the work I do can be scientifically validated. Much of the science is new or still being theorized but most of my work is based on sacred geometry, quantum physics and heart/brain resonance. Some people believe in God and an after life but think astrology is made up!

Some astrologers are atheist. Astrology is an example of something that can be scientifically studied and tested on certain levels and as our understanding of science and consciousness continues to increase, so too will our ability to measure and understand the mechanism in which planetary forces influence life on earth. In sessions, when clients have questions about a lot of these topics, sometimes I can tell that they need more cerebral verbiage and many of them, life myself, love science and when hearing these con- cepts in scientific terms, it makes it more tangible. Thinking that a planet sends an invisible signal out of itself and it shoots down at earth and disrupts things like a poltergeist is not helpful or accurate.

Astrology is the study of vibration, cycles, rhythms, and patterns. Dr. Richard S. Gerber, author of Vibrational Med– icine said “When the planets reach the particular geometric position (relative to earth) that is the same as the birth time, there is a reactivation of the same magnetic pattern in the resonating chakra, causing a cascading energy transfer from the astral to the etheric, down to the physical body.” Many scientists are still ashamed to research topics like the after-life and astrology and psychic abilities for fear of losing their license or not being taken seriously but if you look more deeply into these ancient sciences, you’ll realize there’s something to it.

Can you break down your use of astrological and human design charts as multi-dimensional maps as you use them to navigate people’s experiences?

What can a client of yours benefit from doing that? Understanding your astrological chart,your human design and your gene keys are tools that help you understand your own system and mechanism in a more evolved and spiritual way. I don’t use astrology to tell people what their per- sonality traits are like even though it never ceases to amaze me how spot on it always is in that regard. Using these systems gives you a complete road map that goes north, south, east, west and up and down. It gives you the most rich understanding of who you are as a human being and as sentient being and allows you to become more aware of your tendencies, traumas, quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Some people are meant to get up and be consistent, some are not.

Some people are extroverted, some are not and some are even in between. These charts are cosmic fingerprints that represent you as the macrocosm is in the microcosm and knowing what your unique system needs and owning your shadow fully is the foundation on which all my work is built and from which the client can begin to unravel, deconstruct, unlearn and recode themselves. That’s what healing is.

What do you recommend to someone who needs some spiritual help but is hesitant due to their skepticism or reservations? How do you convince those that may not believe in your psychic abilities? Is it better for you to work with people when the other person is more open or believing versus someone who is doubtful?

I recommend that if some are skeptical to the point of not believing, why are you seeking spiritual help? I also want everyone to put themselves in my shoes. I’m a professional and I do my work very well. It’s like walking into a therapist’s office and sitting down and saying “I don’t believe you went to school and I don’t think this therapy thing is going to work”. Why are you here? I love inspiring others to believe in themselves and spirit but you have to be ready and open to that. I am not a carnival trick or scammer nor will I allow anyone into my space that feels like I am. My advice, honestly, is to put the phone and even the books down and go sit under a tree. Get into nature, start playing like you’re a kid again, be around animals. You will never feel the warmth of spirit or “god” by skeptically searching for answers in books. Getting in touch with your heart and the earth can help open you up enough to even receive what someone like me has to say.

As a medium, are there more benefits to contacting loved ones who have passed than just closure, can loved ones who’ve passed provide more?

There are so many more benefits! Spirit energies can actually have conversations, give specific information or share things that are going to happen in the future. Many of my clients who come to me for mediumship already believe in their spirit team and simply want a more direct channel to get there. It’s always good to have your experience validated. They aren’t looking for closure, they’re looking for connection. Spirit does not care if you believe in it/them or not, but it’s more fun when you do because then they can interact with you more.

Can you share any stories (may keep people in it anonymously) that even blew you away? Like wow, I did that?!

There are so many but one of my favorite sessions I ever had with a client was when she came to see me about her business and what to do with her current career path and spirit took over and came through and I could feel a very strong male presence and I began to describe him and this was a ready done over the phone, not through zoom or in-person so I was unable to see her face or know if she was reacting at all but she became very qui- et and I told her that spirit was showing me a movie with a specific actor in it and she immediately started crying. I told her that it felt like they were showing me this movie because the man who was coming through for her either looked like him or loved that movie. She said, “No, that’s him. I was married to (the actor’s name) for years and he died 10 years ago.” The client on the phone with me had actually been married to a famous actor (who I am keeping private) and he showed him- self to me in the movie he was in that she loved most.

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding your line of work, do you think it’s easy for people to claim to be psychics? Do these people, whether their intention is good or not, do more harm than good? Some mediums have shows on TV, do you think these types of shows or peo- ple bring good attention?

I do think it’s easy for someone to claim their psychic just like it’s easy to get on social media and claim to be an expert on politics or reproductive rights. I think if someone thinks they’re psychic and, from our perspective, they actually aren’t but they believe they are, let them be. They’ll figure out something at some point and I highly doubt their clients are feeling aligned with the information. However, most people who claim to be psychic have experienced spiritual and paranormal trauma, have been ridiculed or even suicidal over it and fought for years to try to make it go away so if any- one is claiming that title, they’ve probably earned it. “I love medium TV shows. I grew up watching crossing over with John Edwards, Lisa Williams and the Long Island Medium. These shows brought me so much joy and hope and made me believe in spirit even in my darkest times. I think the attention they bring to it is mostly positive.”