Zurich based Jewelry designer Giselle Willner is a true believer of Astrology and shared how the power of manifestation has led her to her dreams of having her own store in the prestigious expensive street for retail property in Europe. She spoke about how jewels enhance s luck and how It could open up to a whole new magical world.

Tell us your motivation behind your store in zurich, How and when it all started?

I started way before I had the store, just out of my little home and online . The vision behind the store is to create a space where people could come in and experience the different material and gemstones , tap into this magical world. The store was built in 2021 during the pandemic and I am very satisfied with how my vision came alive.

How did jewelry became an important part of your life?

Jewelry has been an important part of my life because I feel besides the beautiful material and design, It connects people, memories and showcases your personalitywhich is rather significant then being it known as a statement piece or a fashion accessory.

As this “The Zodiac Issue” tell us a about your star sign?

I am a Scorpio. I was born on 11:11 as all zodiac enthusiasts know that this is a special number as it holds the power of manifestation. I always felt that since I was a child I started manifesting every- thing in a clear image of what i want. The store is part of that manifestation.


Are you a true believer of astrology? And Why ?

There are always believers and non- believers but for me as a believer you get an epiphany on how it really holds a special meaning. You start re- searching about it which leads you to open up to a whole new world in which everything starts makingsense. I have an astrologist whom I consult with and get advice for my business which surprisingly has been really successful. I love how the universe holds so many messag- es for you through astrology.

Can you tell us how gold , platinum or other precious metals are unique compared to other gemstones?

Diamonds and many different kinds of gemstones are formed naturally on earth which is easier to imitate its chemical compound and could be grown in labs, which does not make it less authentic compared to naturally-

mined diamonds or gemstones. It has the possibility of being recreated in an alter-native way. Precious metals like gold, silver, platinum to name some are not from earth. That is why it’s so valuable. When you do some research on it ,they are forged in different types of star explosions, a new study says—which may explain why the yellow stuff in gold is rarer. Knowing the origin of gold, which was created with ex- treme power , traveled through time and space makes us appreciate it even more. Ilove when I wear heavy gold , I feel really special.

How do you select your gemstones and how it attracts you ?

Regarding diamonds, I am attracted to the special cuts because the cuts normally define the look which then determines the sparkle. With Gemstones, It’s far more difficult. As you have to figure out the color, the origins. I have connections with gemologists all around the world where I exclusively pick every stone.

What are you looking forward when you meet your clients ?

Most of my clients visit my store as they would like to have custom pieces madewhich is very inspiring for me as I love to create one of a kind pieces for them which symbolizes personal meanings. Although some of my clients love my staple feminine jewelry which are worn everyday which eventually becomes part of them. .

Any Advice to anyone who wants to start their own jewelry business ?

Never give up , Believe in your dream!! It’s a long way because you need to build trust. If you are passionate about jewelry, find something that is connected to you and start designing your first jewelry. The customers usually find you for your designs..