Paul Smith Pink Wall


The Pink Wall serves as the bubblegum pink facade of designer Paul Smith’sflagship store on Melrose Avenue. It is more widely known, however, as abackdrop for selfies. People journey to the Pink Wall from across the world for a chance to snap a pic at the iconic location made famous by Instagram influencers.

While the rectangular building is in fact one of his many fashion outlets the vibrant pink wall – which owes to Mr Smith’s love of colour and contrast – has become one of the world’s top tourist attractions.

The West Coast-based shop, in Melrose Avenue, opened in 2005. Since then the fashion brand”established itself as a landmark”. A spokeswoman for Paul Smith said: “Located on Melrose Avenue, the shop’s vibrant pink façade stands out against the brilliant blue LA sky.

“Inspired by Luis Barragán’s confident and optimistic use of colour the shop, with its unique façade, has become a destination, attracting visitors from all over.”


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Pink Motel


The Pink Motel and Cadillac Jacks is family owned and operated since 1946 when it was first established by Maximillian Thomulka and Gladys Thomulka. It is on historic U.S Route 99, now called San Fernando Road. The business was passed to Russell and Monty Thomulka. Monty ran the Pink Motel and Cadillac Jacks until 2015. It continues to be a family business, run by Monty’s daughter, Tonya Thomulka and her son Alex Aprahamian.

The Pink Motel became a popular filming location beginning in the late 1970s. Due to its pink color, the motel and Cadillac Jacks Cafe also became known as the Pink Motel and Pink Cafe.Now the Pink Motel and Cadillac Jacks Cafe are primarily used for photo shoots, commercials, music videos, movies, and TV shows.

They have 28 to 30 fully restored classic cars. The cars can rented as part of a 1950s and 1960s movie set or for other filming needs. The pool, called the fish bowl, has become legendary in the skateboard community. It became popularized in the 1987 movie, “The Search for Animal Chin” with Bones Brigade, an important skate boarding group of the time. In the movie, Monty Thomulka played the part of the Pink Motel owner.

They also have a junk yard filled with 1940s to 1970s classic cars that is also popular for filming.

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The Beverly Hills Hotel


The Beverly Hills Hotel offers the glamorous ambiance of Hollywood’s Golden Age. Set on 12 lush acres of beautifully landscaped property, this Five-Star, Five Diamond hotel has been a celebrity hot spot since its opening in 1912. The fabled hotel continues to welcome celebrities, royalty and leaders from around the world with luxurious accommodations, exemplary service and unrivaled beauty. Frequented by gen- erations of film industry icons from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor, Is the Hollywood’s hot spot!

The Beverly Hills Hotel opened on May 12, 1912 before the city even existed. The idea was to create a hotel for people to stay at while looking at property to buy in the area. The original owner and founder of The Beverly Hills Hotel was Margaret Anderson and her motto for the hotel was, “Guests are entitled to the best of everything regardless of cost!”

The Polo Lounge has been known as the epicentre of power dining in LA and the preferred place to be for legendary stars and Hollywood deal-makers. It was established in the 1930s and was named after the polo fields on which it was built. The hotel was first painted its distinctive pink back in 1948, to complement the sunset and popular country style of the time. The hotel has been known as the ‘Pink Palace’ ever since.

This year the Beverly Hills hotel celebrated their 110th anniversary with newly appointed general manager

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Museum Of Dream Space


The Pink MoDS is the first digital art museum in the United States. Breaking the barriers of art and introducing a unique avenue on how digital and structural installations interact with one another and the world. They aspire to inspire to DREAM. LIVE. CREATE.

o create your pink experience in LA, MoDS is a perfect installation to create a portfolio in pink.

Ideal for a perfect date night, place to gather with friends, or the ideal venue to host your next event. They offer professional photographers as part of their VIP package to guide and inspire your photos, delivering high quality imagery to take home.

Be original and start creating one of a kind images inside their curated rooms that features unique structural installations, dazzling infinity rooms and the latest in high-tech projections. Immerse yourself in a world that you can only dream of.

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