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Pinktastic Plastixx + Kitten Kay Sera

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Pinktastic Plastixx are an all girl band formed and fronted by Pink Icon, Kitten Kay Sera & features her talented and gorgeous gal bandmates: Alexa Rae on drums, Rocky Rose on keytar & back- ing vocals, Celinda Chang on guitar and backing vocals and Kya Karine on bass guitar. Ranging from the ages of 20’s-60 Kitten says “We are ALL stages of ages and proud to be out there doing what we love & just having fun!.. Dreams don’t expire! We all love fashion and of course PINK That was one of the things I was looking for in a band. I mean, with a name like Pinktastic Plastixx, you have to be able to wear AT LEAST a dash of pink!

Living your life in pink to create an identity yourself as “the pinkest per- son in the world” must’ve taken a lot of passion and hardwork, how do you think the color has evolved through- out the years?

Pink has really become popular and it definitely was not when I started wearing it in 1980. I had to search for PINK in every single store.. because, of course, there was no internet to shop.I had to dye all my clothes pink and have my shoes professionally dyed. What didn’t come in pink .. I had to paint. Luckily, I have a Production Assistant who does all that now! I got so tired of painting. I just want it pink ..instantly… like Bewitched haha I love that I am used as a source of pinkspiration for so many. As the longest living Monochromatic.. I believe that PINK IS FOR EVERYONE!

What inspired you to commit to the color pink?

Well, I wore all pink for my birthday in 1980 and I felt like I finally found myself. I kinda had a spiritual awakening that day. I knew in my heart from that day forward that I would be in pink for the rest of my life. I gave everything in my wardrobe, that was not pink, to my 4 older sisters. I think they thought it was just a phase. but here I am still pink through and through 42 years later. I just love it so much and feel like myself in pink.

Pink has been making waves throughout the fashion industry for years but this year it definitely had its moment to shine. How has your journey been, with the color, up until today ?

I am just so tickled by the color that it is easy to find a plethora of pink! I have been chosen to promote many pink brands and advertisers are always reaching out to me. I could not be more thrilled. I am the model for JOAH beauty and did a national makeup campaign for them. I have made a paycheck out of my passion for pink which is unbelievable. I am extremely grateful and blessed. Many have said that I am a major part of the pink explosion and some would argue that I started the Barbiecore trend. That always makes me happy!! I am proud to represent the pink lifestyle as my authentic self.

You have been singing all your life, tell us what made you form the band Pinktastic Plastixx?

Being solo for so long- I missed the camaraderie of a band. I had guest vocalists occasionally come in and sing in the studio with me. Beyonce sang back up for me on my song Sex Kitten, but I always loved bands like The GoGos, The Runaways, The Bangles and all the 1980’s & 90’s girl bands. I also think that there is power in numbers. Plus, the fantasy of an all girl band was a total dream of mine. I used to sing with my 4 older sisters in a group growing up and missed it. Hence, this was very familiar to me. I also wanted to prove that you can be however old and still accomplish any dream. There is no expiration date on your dream. We are a band with a message. Women can be any age and do anything they want. Period.


Tell us how each and every member of the band were selected. How did they vibe and gravitate towards you?

It was almost like I casted the band. This really could have been a reality show. We went through a few players trying to find the right vibe and the right tribe. It was important to choose players that genuinely liked pink, with a name like PINKTASTIC PLASTIXX – that’s a big part of it. The image is just as important as the sound. I was not just building a band, I’m building a brand. As a former wardrobe stylist, I also love to dress the band and it’s like I have four life sized barbie dolls ! .

Meet the Pinktastic Plastixx : Alexa Rae on drums, Rocky Rose on keytar, Celinda (Celi) Chang with the guitar, Kya Karine on bass and Kitten Kay Sera as the lead vocal. Kitten walks us through each member and why they are so special to her.

Alexa Rae

Alexa Rae is one of the youngest players in the band, but you would never know it! She can throw down a beat like no other. I knew when I heard her playing drums on instagram that I wanted her in the band. I secretly prayed that she was available and interested before I sent her an instagram message. Her instagram is @alexa.drums and she has a devoted fol- lowing. I think people’s jaws drop when they see her but then hear how power- ful of a drummer she is. She was the first player to join Pinktastic Plastixx. Alexa is the ‘true rocker’ of the band and all the musicians love her!

Celinda Chang

Celi is a pure joy. Her dedication, drive and devotion is why I wanted her in the band. Oh, and the fact that she is an awesome gui- tarist. She also loves pink and when I saw the video she posted dancing in her pink bedroom playing her pink guitar, I was sold ! Celi is the youngest member of Pinktas- tic Plastixx and we all adore her. When she came to the first audition, I absolutely loved her energy & smile. She also helps me be- hind the scenes with tech, which I am grate- ful for. Of everyone, she also saw the vision of what we could be & do. Celi has a heart of -not gold- but PINK. @celindachang

Rocky Rose

Rocky is the music director of the band, whether she knows it or not haha ! She is a brilliant, funny and talented player who makes us all laugh. Her personality is a gift I cannot be thankful enough for Rocky, who is so positive and uplifting ! She is game for anything, a total GEMINI! She is not only a total pro but she is fun and enthusiastic. That winning combo is a godsend and hard to find. She has it all, personality, looks and talent. How could I resist? @rockyrosemusic

Kya Karine

Kya Karine is our statuesque blonde bar- bie with legs for days and can kick ass on bass. She is our Bass Princess @bassprin- cessofficial. I also knew when I heard and saw her that she was a must ! That first day she sauntered into band practice to au- dition with pink heart shaped sunglasses and a huge Amy Winehouse tattoo on her arm and I remember thinking “yeah, she’s got the look …but can she PLAY?” Thank-fully she could! She was the last -but defi– nitely not least- player to round out Pink- tastic Plastixx. @pinktasticplastixx

Explain the sound and genre of Pinktastic Plastixx?

I think we would all agree that we are pop punk or pop rock. All original and just all around fun. Someone compared us to the GoGo’s meets Weezer- which I quite liked. We are still finding our sound & style as we go. Apart from that, we are looking forward to recording and filming music videos ! We are being described by many reporters as the first Barbie Core band to hit the USA!

Tell us which artist in the industry Pink- tastic Plastixx will love to collaborate with and why?

Oh my gosh, personally I would say Green Day or Weezer. Because I think they created a new sound that became a trend. I love that the 90’s sound is being resurged. I wrote an email to the band Wheatus and asked if we could tour as their opening act. They actually wrote me back so there might be something in the works there ! I am not afraid to ask for what I desire. If you don’t ask, the an- swer is alway no. I learned from the best promoter and talent manager alive – My mom. I used to hear her on the phone for hours getting our family band gigs and publicity. She wouldn’t take no for an an- swer and I didn’t even realize what I was learning, subconsciously, as I played with my sisters. I adore my mom. She is my hero. I couldn’t have accomplished any of this without the knowledge of man- ifesting and creating a viable brand by promotion.

What are the pros and cons of having a band?

Kitten – Oh! who all wants to answer this? I will start! The Pro- the band members be- come your friends and you get to create everything together. The Con- setting up rehearsals can be challenging when we are all so busy but thankfully Rocky came to the rescue and did a doodle calendar for us and now it’s much easier.

Rocky Rose – Band members become life- long friends and confidants, you get to ex– plore musical ideas together, and PLAY! Most adults forget that life isn’t just about work, it’s about playtime too – we are all students for life and it’s important to ex- plore, try new things, push yourself, and never fully grow up! There are no cons, except the inner voice going “I really need a new blender but this awesome piece of music gear is much more of a priority”.

Alexa Rae– I’ve been in so many bands and projects before, so here’s what I have to say. The pros are you get to all come to- gether and practice, play, and write songs together. Playing gigs and concerts are what I always look forward to! The cons are coordinating when to practice because people are busy. Creative differences, see- ing where people want to go with the style and direction of the music.

Celi Chang– For me, being in a band comes with a lot of pros. We’re in it together – five minds are better than one! I rely on my bandmates a lot, as they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to music and performing, and I feel so much more confident knowing that I have my bandmates there to back me up. The best thing about being in a band is the friend- ship! Everyone in Pinktastic Plastixx is so incredibly sweet, funny, and talented. We have a blast at every rehearsal and I’m so lucky to call them not only bandmates but also my friends. The cons, however, would be that we have so many people that it’s hard to get things done without one per- son’s presence or input. It’s not the easiest to corral five busy people (kudos to Kitten, our fearless leader)!


Tell us about the one thing you love about the color.

Kitten – The color pink changed my life in ways that I never expected or imagined! I was just doing my own thing & living my life in pink 24/7 and 365 days a year. I love it so much. People & opportunities just gravitated towards me. Pink was my lifesaver when I didn’t know that I need- ed saving. Pink is all things wrapped in one beautiful color. It is the highest vibra- tion of all the hues. I made history when I married the color on New Year’s Day of this year in Las Vegas. Katy Perry was at my bachelorette party! I can’t make this sh*t up! I have lived.

Rocky– Punk is pink. It’s the way we think, No other hue, Kickstarts our crew!

Alexa– Pink is punk!

Celi– Pink has been my favorite color since I was a little kid! I may not be as dedicated as our lovely Queen of Pink Kitten, but pink has always stood out to me as a fun, happy, and bold color. I feel comfortable and confident when I wear pink. I love darker pinks like hot pink, fuschia, and magenta but have more recently come to embrace softer and lighter pinks as well. The thing about pink, though, is that it’s been such a gendered color throughout modern history. It’s often dismissed as “just for girls” with negative perceptions of be- ing “weak” and “dainty”. I hope that as a band, Pinktastic Plastixx can show the world that you can love pink, be cute, and be a badass no matter what gender you identify as !