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Gemini’s tend to have an undeserved bad reputation, but as mysterious as the universe can be, sometimes the universe blesses us with a Gemini we absolutely love. Introducing Taylor Grey, this month’s Vulkan Fever fea- ture! The Spotify Verified Artist is cur- rently celebrating her summer with her recent single “idiot” which is iron- ic as this rising star is anything but. As our latest Vulkan Fever, Taylor shares with us the impact music has had on the young performer and songwriter. Honestly, if you are stupid enough to not listen to Taylor’s “Idiot”, then I guess you’re just that.

Share with us what music means to you and how it all started.
To me, music is a connection.

As a song- writer it’s how I can share my stories and ex- perience and hopefully allow others to feel connected through the emotions the music can elicit. As a performer and fan alike, music creates a space for a bunch of people to come together and have a collective experience and that is equally beautiful. Music has always been a part of my life; I was a theater kid first and then started “writing songs” in elementary school. I of- ten feel very lucky that I knew from a young age I wanted to be a part of the music world in one way or another.

At the age of 21 you were signed with Kobalt Music Group , Tell us how were you discovered and how you felt ?

I’m so blessed to have a distribution deal. It’s been really incredible to be able to release music on different platforms on a greater scale and I love being aligned with a company who works with indie artists.

Tell us more about your upcoming releases. What inspired you?

Idiot is a response to anyone who has ever said something like, “you’re crazy to leave me, no one will ever love you like me.” When you exit a relationship and that person starts to gaslight you or use your vulnerability against you, it is such a heartbreaking experience. For me, I took inspiration from my own strug- gles with mental health and how some people will turn around and weaponize that when it benefits their own narrative. When I was channeling that emotion, it felt natural for the song to be ironic, yet empowering. So the song basically says, “Okay, I would rather be every sin- gle name you call me, every single ad- jective you throw at me and more, than be with you.” If it is “stupid” to leave you, I guess I’m just an idiot.

Tell us which zodiac sign you are and the one interesting characteristic it represents.

I’m a Gemini and I feel like that duality plays out in my life. Consulting the internet, I’m seeing that Geminis may feel a need to have options, even if there is no intent on taking one of those paths. Even though I’ve always known I wanted to pursue music, I stayed in school and got my degree. Up until I grad- uated recently, I have always done both music and school simultaneously.

If you have to choose to be someone for a day who will it be and why?

I’d like to be my therapist. I need to know if she really thinks I’m as funny as she says, or if it’s her way of boosting my self-esteem.

What is the biggest challenge as an artist and how did you overcome it?
The feeling that you’re never enough – that you could be doing more, creating more, achieving more. And not only more, but better. That you could and should be do- ing everything better. Truthfully, I haven’t entirely overcome that. I think it’s a really difficult feat. The only way is to find peacewithin yourself, and I absolutely have more inner peace now than I did last year and the years before that.

What can we expect from Taylor in 2022?

I have more new music on the way! I’ve also been spending more time on my social media to interact with people. This is where I’m updating everyone on new upcoming projects.