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Andrew has some very exciting plans for us, one of them being his upcoming single “If I moved away!” Landing a campaign for Acqua Di Gio to a virtual concert hap- pening late August this talented artist is making moves in the industry and has our heads turning and knees going weak! A jack-of-all trades, there isn’t much Andrew can’t do…and we are excited to be part of this journey with him! Make sure to check out the full inter- view and fall in love with all that Andrew Matarazzo is!

Describe to us which stage of life Andrew Matarazzo is right now ?

I’ve been very retrospective lately. I’ve grown so much so quickly that I’ve been looking back at choices and paths I took when I was someone else, and it’s been interesting to reflect. I’m in a unique place where I am right on that line of who I used to be and who I’m becoming.

What made you want to be an actor , is that something you always dreamt of?

There were a lot of moments that inspired me to pursue it seriously and I’m lucky I honed onto my life’s path so early on. It’s a dream but it’s also so intertwined with my DNA now. I love that it demands me to explore and ask questions about human nature and other walks of life that – if I was not an actor – I might never dive into.

Being an actor and singer, writer and creative director, how is a day of Andrew Matarazzo looks like, can you walk us through?

I always need my hand in something creative and that’s why I like that I drive in so many lanes. It lets me stay inspired by different projects at different times. I think they all feed each other and I am a better artist when I have my hand in many things. Every day I do at least one thing that I call a “stepping stone” towards my goals. Whether big or small, just something creatively productive.

Congrats on your recent new single “ If I moved away” what inspired you to create this track.

This year was the first time I learned to live without a lot of different people who had always been major parts of my life. We grow and sometimes grow apart and sadly I think that’s a very normal part of life. At one point I realized the people around me were all new friends and I didnt have a lot of my long-time ones anymore. I thought “what if I just moved away? Would anyone notice? Would anyone care?” So the song is really about that notion of forever isn’t always forever.

What is your zodiac sign and how closely do you follow your daily horoscope?

I’m a double Pisces! I’m a big believer in astrology, but not so much horoscopes. I follow a lot of astrological events and changes in the universe. Especially if I’m feeling a big energy shift, I like to see if it’s correlated with something going on astrologically.

What are the cons and pros of your zodiac sign?

My intuition and ability to read people and their energy is unmatched, but I am EXTREMELY sensitive and feel everything which can be very hard on me sometimes.

What does your creative process look like? Are you very hands-on in all projects or do you have a team of experts who decides what’s best for you?

Don’t stop. Consistency, and I believe this I am absolutely hand-on with every detail of every project of mine. I can’t help it when I’m passionate about something, I want to be involved in every thread of the project. Or if I’m not passionate about something, I want to take control and find ways to elevate it and make it my own.

If you have acted in one role what will it be and who will it be with?

I’d love to do a period piece! Opposite someone like Daniel Day Lewis, Cate Blanchett or Soarise Ronen.