Photo by Ryan Jerome, Grooming Brenda Ferrell @B Ready Beauty, Writing Alex Bonnet

Max Ehrich has some very exciting plans
for us, one of them being his upcoming
music video and song! Oh yes, this talented artist is making moves in the industry and has our heads turning and knees going weak! A jack-of-all trades, there isn’t much Max can’t do…and we are excited to be part of this journey with him! Make sure to check out the full interview and fall in love with all that Max Ehrich is!

Share with us the upcoming releases you have planned!

I have a new single off of my upcoming project titled “Dangerous” dropping soon on all streaming platforms. Following that up with a music video as well. I also am starring in a feature film, where I play a rockstar turned preacher titled SOUTHERN GOSPEL that I filmed during the pandemic.

How are you feeling?

I am feeling an immense amount of joy and gratitude. I am over the moon excited to share my art and continue to connect with
my fans.

As an artist, what do you believe is your most dominant characteristic?.

I believe my most dominant characteristic is passion. I had a gravitation towards the arts since childhood and have been enjoying the process of my evolution as an artist.

Describe to us the feeling you get when you pick up the microphone.

you pick up the microphone. It depends on what I’m singing about. These days; There’s been a feeling of freedom, joy, but I love being vulnerablethrough my art so it gives people permission to authentically live. I’ve processed many experiences through my music; So it’s very cathartic.


What do you hope to make others feel?

I hope to make people feel seen and heard. Art is a tool that brings people together. Now more than ever I would love to unite

Growing up, who was someone who played a dominant role in your life? Explain.

My parents mean the world to me. They’ve always supported and encouraged my creative endeavors even from when I was around 4 or 5. I was introduced to the piano as young as I can recall.

Tell us more about your workout routine and any tips for our readers?

I love to incorporate nature along with weight training. I start my day off with a prayer and then a hike. I follow that up with some protein and strength training. The ocean is also my happy place and I love to surf..

What does 2022 look like for Max Ehrich?

It looks like a fulfilling journey of continuing to share my artistic expressions through music and acting.