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Dai Time

1. Being an actress, model, influencer, and full time college student, how do you find time to balance it all?

Balancing my time to tackle every single task requires a detailed schedule and organizational skills. To make sure I keep up with my daily tasks, I use a planner app on my phone to track everything. It helps me to stay on top and on time with my work. Without my planner, my life would be a mess! I wouldn’t know how to juggle my school and work life without putting my daily tasks into my planner. I definitely recommend that everyone utilize a planner in some way as it is beneficial in organizing your life.

2. With your show on Snapchat targeted for Gen Z, do you feel a heavy burden to be the voice of your generation?

I feel like I am one of the many voices of our generation. Generation Z is a diverse one, filled with many different values and voices. My generation is trying to find our way in the world and see how we can use our voices. Although we do respect the generations who came before us, we are trying to make changes that may benefit future generations to come.

3. In what ways do you feel that your generation made an impact to inflict change into our society? How have you been pushing to make sure change is being made as well?

My generation has grown up with smartphones, computers, and various forms of technology, unlike the generations before us. Through the use of social media we have been able to connect with people around the world. Instagram and TikTok have been great outlets for my generation to learn more about how to make changes in the world. Thanks to the fast paced environment of social media, we are able to quickly disperse news and information to the masses. We can inflict change faster than we ever thought possible thanks to social media, especially through the use of live streaming.

4. In what ways has your career changed you and the way you view the entertainment industry?

My career has inspired me to work hard, especially since there are so many in this industry that I respect and look up to. The entertainment industry is hard work that requires tough skin. As talent, we face a lot of rejection before we land a role yet alone the perfect role. I find myself always looking for ways to improve by taking acting courses, training, and coaching. Being in the entertainment industry has given me a lot of opportunities to learn from my peers and those I look up to.

5. What do you believe the industry could use more of in terms of progress?

The industry could definitely use more smiles and more people with caring hearts. If more people in the industry were open minded about the effect they have on their peers, they would realize we are much more alike than different. We all face rejection throughout our careers, question our abilities at times, and go through similar processes to landing a role. If there was more kindness and love in this industry, we would all benefit from a safe work environment where we feel comfortable expressing ourselves. Being on set and trying to convey certain emotions can be difficult at times, so a kind heart cheering you on would make all the difference.

6. Share with us a story about a time you were faced with a difficult choice and how you made it.

I’m faced with difficulties all the time. An example would be balancing all of my different responsibilities. I have to find balance between my work life, my school life, and my personal life. Once I had two separate social media creatives that had to be completed on the same day, so I had to make the time to accomplish both since they are both high on the priority list. I rely on my planner that has all of my daily tasks in order to accomplish my goals in a timely manner. Another way that I am able to make these decisions of which task takes priority over the other is with the support of my friends and family. They keep me grounded and help me juggle the many different aspects of my day to day life.


7. Why did you want to be an actor, model, and influencer?

I wanted to be an actor, model, and influencer because I love telling my story and sharing what I have learned with others my age. I think that people in my generation like to be connected to and listen to the stories from people their age. It makes us feel understood, and that we are not alone in this world. It feels good to feel like you fit in with your community, and I know that I like to feel connected to Gen Z. I also knew that I could see myself fitting into the entertainment industry since they have never met anyone like me. I stand out from the crowd, and especially my peers in the industry. I wanted the younger generation to be able to look up to someone that represents them and feel like they could accomplish anything.

8. Growing up, what was one dream that you never let go of? Did you make it come true?

My biggest dream has always been to have my own talk show on a major network. I remember staying up at night to watch different late night talk shows, and wishing that I could interview celebrities too. I know that I have a spunky personality like these other hosts, but I would bring my own twist to the show. I definitely feel like I am getting close to accomplishing that goal, especially with my new Snapchat show, Dai Time Teen Talk Show. It has been a long time dream of mine to be able to have my own show, so the next step is to get a show on a major network. I am trying to get more experience hosting shows so then I can finally fulfill my dream of being a talk show host.

9. Where do you hope to end up in the next few years?

In the next few years I hope to be on a major network with my own talk show. Everyday I can feel myself getting closer and closer to reaching that goal. With more and more experience under my belt, I hope to be recognized as a worthy candidate for a new talk show. I also hope to star in my own television show or film in the next few years. I am ready for my years of hard work and pushing past rejection to finally pay off. It is also a dream of mine to participate in Paris Fashion Week, and walk the runway for famous designers. The sky’s the limit!

10. As an actor, what would be a dream role for you?

My dream role would be playing a doctor or someone working closely in the medical field. I enjoy watching shows like Grey’s Anatomy, so I think it would be really exciting to play a character that is going through high-stress situations. I have never been on a show like that before, and I think it would be very interesting to play a character that is performing surgery or an operation. It would be a dream to even be on Grey’s Anatomy, and star alongside some of my favorite actors and actresses. To play a character that gets to save other people’s lives not only sounds like a lot of fun, but a dream come true.

11. Is there anything you would like to share with our readers?

I would tell your readers to believe in yourself and never stop dreaming. The sky’s the limit, and you never know if you try. It is important to stay humble, especially in the entertainment industry. But no matter the industry, failing is a crucial part of any journey. If you don’t mess up, you won’t learn. One of the best things that can happen to you is failure, because you will learn some of the best lessons in your life. Some of the biggest rejections I have faced in this industry have taught me valuable lessons I would have never learned without that failure. It may seem hard at the time to persevere through failure and rejection, but it only makes you stronger.

12.Where can our readers find you on social media?

Check me out weekly on Snapchat to watch my new show called Dai Time teen talk show. They can also find my @officiallydaitime on social media.

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