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Carlos Zaur jumped into the world of music and has been producing covers of songs ever since. Taking this as a road to his own music, the talented artist is truly on his path of light. Hoping to convey emotions in the most raw form, consistency and hard work are the key ingredients to making it in this world/industry. Self-love is vital and Carlos Zaur continues to dive into that each day through his music, hard work, and passion.

Why did you decide to jump into producing covers of songs? What is your process like?

I honestly always saw covers as a road to my own music. I thought covering songs in a way true to myself could help me eventually be able to release my own music and create a following that already liked my way of creating music. I always picked a song I felt I could do justice to, and decided with my producers Gil Elguezabal and Lalo Bladinieres what the right direction for the song was, I never wanted to do a copy paste cover, I felt it was very important to create covers that were musically related to what I eventually wanted to create with my own music. It was an amazing journey. I learned a lot about the sound I wanted and what I wanted to project as an artist.

As an artist, what do you believe your purpose is

I would love to convey emotions in the realest, most heartfelt way in my songs. I think my purpose is hopefully inspiring and connecting with people that have been through similar hardships as me and maybe help us all realize we always have more things in common than differences.

How do you use your platform for more than just releasing content?

I’m trying to work on having more personal content on social media to be more authentic to myself and not just portray who I want to “look like” as an artist. I try to talk about anything and everything that matters to me, social causes and my point of view. I also find value in posting content that is random and just funny and lighthearted.

If you could go back in time to visit a certain artist, who would it be and why?

I’d wanna meet Bob Marley. I just think he’s a wise man with true values based on the way he wrote his music and went about his life. Would love to learn from a goat like him.


Describe your music to us and what you hope it makes your audience feel.

Each song makes me feel differently. Honestly, I don’t really care what you feel from my music as long as you feel something.

Share with us a time you made the encounter of a lifetime. Explain.

The time I met Michael Jackson. Long story short I was in Las Vegas watching the David Copperfield show, second row right in the middle of the theater. All of the first row was empty which was weird since the whole place was sold out. The show starts and in every single theater door appears a bodyguard, and right in front of my seat a “woman” with a kid and a friend sits down. I couldn’t tell who she was because it was dark and she was literally in front of me. I thought it was Cher, then there is this trick where David throws beach inflatable balloons to the audience. I decided not to look back but the “woman” in front of me does and all of a sudden I have Michael Jacksons’ face 50cms from mine. I could not believe it, I was a fan. He had the most perfect skin I have seen in my life, doll skin. So when David took audience members to the stage nobody paid attention to him they just stared at Michael. During the show they played his songs and he would move his head and feet dancing to the music. When the show finished I shook his hand and told him i loved him lol he was extremely nice.

Best advice for upcoming artists?

Don’t stop. Consistency, and I believe this career is a resistance one, whoever has the most patience is the one who I feel does it better. It’s tough, get used to rejection and don’t take it personally.

How do you hope to make 2022 a memorable year?

I want to embrace myself more, love myself more in every way and release my album!!!