Photo by Ryan Jerome, Hair + Makeup Brenda Ferrell @ B Ready Beauty, Writing Alex Bonnet

Born an artist, MAAD always knew she was destined to become an artist. Running through her veins, the melody and beats that she creates and hears inspire her to move forward, always. Hoping her audience can find an escape while listening to her music, the new project she worked on with her partner, Raleigh, was created during quarantine and represents the idea of being transported out of reality and away from the worries. We can’t wait to see what else MAAD has in store for us!

Describe to us a moment in your life which set you on your path as an artist. 

I came out of the womb this way! I’ve always known I was destined to be on this path as an artist. I was and am blessed to have parents that also saw something special in me and allowed me to be my creative, quirky self. They enrolled me in Dance Theatre of Harlem and Harlem School of the arts at the age of 4, so I’ve always been surrounded by artistic energy. 

What does music mean to you? In what ways do you hope your music affects your audience? 

Music literally runs through my veins. There’s something special about being able to form an idea from thin air. Hearing a song come to life is such a beautiful process and one I truly enjoy. 

My hopes for my listeners is for them to just find an escape, a reason to say fuck it to the things that may be bothering them and just have a good time. The new project I worked on with my partner- Raleigh -was created during quarantine. You can feel that need to have fun and desired an escape from reality. I would have never imagined forming a duo but RM47 but it felt so easy to explore new sounds and approach songs with a fresh take. I hope my audience feels like they took a trip around the world when they hear it. 

Share with us a time when it felt as though you were encountering a “divine intervention.” Explain. 

I feel this way every day. Just do be able to wake up and do the things I love proves that there’s something larger than me leading the way. I’ve been heavy into meditating lately as well; my daily affirmation is “opportunities flow to me with ease” and they do just that. You truly have to believe that what you’re doing has a purpose and that you can’t be stopped.


Who do you look up to in the music world? In your life? 

I’m truly inspired by those around me. I’m so grateful to have friends I can learn from, lean on and create with. My partner, Raleigh, is someone that I look up to as well- his work ethic is different. When you can be around someone that has tunnel vision like that you can’t help yourself from wanting to match that drive. 

If you could be any artist for a week, who would you pick and why? 

Honestly, Diana Ross.. I would have loved to experience her Central Park performance from her point her point of view. The looks, the crowd, the energy, the preparation..that moment was truly iconic. 

Do you believe you have found your purpose in life? Explain. 

Absolutely. I’ve had to learn the importance of stepping back and appreciating the journey. I’ve come a long was from dreaming about performing for huge audiences to actually being blessed enough to have accomplished some of those dreams. For me, I’m still working towards this bigger picture. I’ll know once I’m there but can tell you I’m much closer than I was the day before.