Photo by Ryan Jerome,Styling Venetia + Juliana, Writing Alex Bonnet

Dylan Sinclair’s true language is music. Every moment connected to the power of music has played an important moment in his life. Staying present and letting go, he awaits the magic of life, God’s plans in store for him. Creating music for people to feel something, whatever that may be, Dylan brings heart, fire, and passion to the table.

Walk us through your songwriting process. What inspires you?

Writing songs is different every time but I like to write with substance so I usually draw from real life experiences and make an effort to channel all my emotions.

I wanna say everything inspires me cause that really is how I try to look at life, but more specifically, I really admire characters whether real or fictional. I like seeing different walks of life interacting in different environments. It gives me perspective which in my opinion is the key to connecting with an audience.

Growing up, what was what you would consider a “pivotal” moment in your life? Explain.

Any moment where I connected with music was special cause it always felt like my language.

In what ways have you witnessed “intervention” with your own eyes? What does it mean to you?

I come from a praying family which I’m extremely grateful for. When I was 13, my parents got back together after an eight year long divorce and they both always tell me that it’s something that only God made happen. There are so many details to their testimony but I’ll tell you as their son, my parents didn’t look like they’d ever get back together and now they’re happily married. Since I know that I have little to no control over what God has planned for my life, I always try to stay present and let go.


If you could go back in time to visit a certain artist, who would it be and why?

I’d wanna meet Bob Marley. I just think he’s a wise man with true values based on the way he wrote his music and went about his life. Would love to learn from a goat like him.

Describe your music to us and what you hope it makes your audience feel.

Each song makes me feel differently. Honestly, I don’t really care what you feel from my music as long as you feel something.

How do you stand out from others?

I feel like it’s inappropriate for me to answer that about myself. Depends on who you refer to when you refer to others but I could tell you I’m hardworking and I tend to see the beauty in everything in order for my music to feel beautiful.