Featured in VULKAN Fashion Book January 2023 issue

Photography Francis Gum @francisgum Cassandra Williams @blurred.inc

Model Elyannie Barros @elyannierose

Creative Director Errol Isip @errolisip_events_llc
Makeup The Make-up Academy Nyc @makeupschoolnyc

Interview WIth Elyannie Barros

Q: How did you get interested in modeling and what made you decide to pursue it professionally?
A: Modeling has been a passion of mines since a very young age. I always dreamed of pursuing it professionally. The first time I could remember, I was 10 years old, my mom cut and styled my hair, she took pictures of me and I felt beautiful. Eventually, that’s what sparked my interest and passion for modeling.

Q: What are your favorite things about modeling and what do you find most challenging about it?
A: My favorite thing about modeling is the diversity of it. I love that modeling embrace the beauty of different ethnicities and genders. What I find most challenging about it is that it can get physically and mentally tiring. That’s why I love to prioritize my hobby’s in my free time, it like a little mental break. Something that helps me is my morning and night routine. It is also important that you stay hydrated and eat three meals a day to keep your energy flowing.

Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring models who are just starting out in their careers or those who are struggling with doubts and fears about pursuing modeling as a profession?
A: Advice I would give to aspiring models would be to continue to be your greatest self. I feel like people now a days are so hard on themselves to live up to the “beauty standards“ of how a model is “suppose” to look like. The industry is so diverse now. There are no standards in beauty, everyone is unique in their own ways. People struggle with doubts and fears about all kind of things, but you can’t let that come in between you and what you desire to do. Don’t let it overcome you, you need to overcome it. Something as little as practicing your walk or practicing your facial expression in the mirror will gradually help you overcome those fears and doubts.

Q: What is your dream project or campaign that you would love to work on one day, and why is it important to you?
A: One of my dream projects is to work with Vogue. It very high fashion and life style which I love. They have worked with some well know models like Zendaya, Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid who of which all inspire me.

Q: How do you stay positive and motivated when faced with setbacks or criticism, especially in an industry that can be so competitive and judgmental at times?”
A: I stay positive and motivated by continuously reminding myself of all my accomplishments and everything I had to overcome to be where I am in my career today! I also have a great support system within my family and friends which I think is very important to have in an industry that can be so competitive and judgmental.

Q: Who are some of your role models or mentors in the industry, and why do they inspire you?
A: My main inspiration is my mom. I see how she constantly works for everything she needs and wants in life not only for her but for her 7 kids and grandchildren. I have NEVER once seen my mom give up. She is where I gain my motivation, my drive, my integrity, my confidence and the list goes on. Another one of my inspirations are Zendaya, Kim K, Kylie Jenner. They are all business women who don’t stop for nobody. Seeing their drive and motivation inspired me to keep on moving forward in this competitive industry.

Q: What is your favorite thing about being a model?
A: My favorite thing about being a model is networking. It’s a nice feeling to make connections and exchange past experiences. The opportunity of meeting new people who have the same career interest as myself is one of the reasons why I love this industry. Also, I love being able to model the designers pieces and seeing that every designers has their own unique styles it make it much more enjoyable.

Q: What is the worst thing about being a model?”
A: The worst thing about being a model is the judgement. Because this industry is so competitive not every agent, manager, photographer, or director will want to work with you. It’s common to receive 27 declined before you get that first acceptance. Just because someone doesn’t think you have the right look for a part does not make you less in any kind of way.