How do you define your style?

My style is a style of a mood, feeling like my going out today depends on a place where I am going to be today and a situation. In one look I usually match several different styles which makes it complex and interesting. To a feminine look I add coarse male garment pieces. A sports look I soften by using some casual items. And of course it’s very important to make you look your best by choosing the suitable style.

The creative concept for this editorial is “cinema etiquette”. How does cinema influence you?

Cinema has always played an important role in my life. And pretty much since my childhood it has brought lots of ideas, broad visual experience and looks to the style, especially retro cinema. Particularly from this type of cinema I’ve learnt how beautiful the woman is who stands out from the crowd by her individuality but at the same time harmonizes with the general environment. Watching the scenes from “Pretty Woman”, “Wild Orchid”, “Madly in Love/ Innamorato pazzo”, “The Devil Wears Prada”,  “Gia” and many other movies over and over again inspires me first of all with ease, self-sufficiency and confidence of the main characters. For me this is the style.

What are your biggest influences in fashion?

Fashion is a complex notion. Answering the question “What’s trendy?” is as difficult as finding the answer to the question “What is the point of living?”. Every brand has something fashionable in its collections but not every person looks neat, beautiful, fashionable and stylish in clothes of every brand. As I said before first of all there must be a style. But I’ve got to say that sometimes I’m inspired with Ralph Lauren collections, especially with its ethnic motifs. I love when women wear complex looks but in a single composition. It is both complicated and graceful. I love brightness of colors and admire Dolce Gabbana fashion shows. And talking about complexity I must mention such brands as Balenciaga and Jacquemus.

Viva Magenta is the color of 2023, how do you imagine the integration of it into everyday style?

Very easy! All kinds of shades of pink emphasize your everyday look with harmony and brightness. Viva Magenta is quite a complex shade with its character and taste. A business suit of this shade with a shirt/ blouse of a graphite shade is suitable for the office. In summer it can be a very simple look with a T-shirt, jeans, finished with an oversized jacket of Viva Magenta color, and you’ll look very bright and fashionable. It can be an ordinary scarf of this shade with a coat of a single color for a neat look. As for me this color is so individual that it makes the whole look itself and it is unnecessary to make it more complex by other colors.

What are your favorite fashion brands for 2023?

In spring season 2023 my favorites are fashion shows of David Koma, Balman, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta. In them lies something reliable! In the collections of these brands one can read the style of the future in combination with sexuality, gracefulness and spirit.


Photography Fedor Borodin @fedorborodin

Model Dasha Popova @dashapopova_model

Styling Polina Shabelnikova @shabelnikova

Hair & Makeup Marina Chasnyk @mikell_ch Alisa Abakumova @alisa_abakumova

Photography Assistant Daria Borodina 

Styling assistant Valeria Babujapova

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