Photo + styling by Ryan Jerome, Hair + Makeup Brenda Ferrell @B Ready Beauty, Writing Alex Bonnet

Beauty, edge, and talent, it’s MAETA! Having recently released an EP that reflects her personal growth in the last year, it revolves around a toxic relationship she was in. Something we can all relate to, am I right? Becoming a musician became a goal of hers the day she saw Leona Lewis sing “Bleeding Love,” on top of the fact that music re4presenrs comfort to her…something she hopes to bring to her audience. Growing up in a creative household was monumental in her upbringing and she continues to channel her strength and creativity every day.

Your latest EP reflects your personal growth in the last year. Can you tell us more about what it means to you? 

This EP is about a toxic relationship I was in that started when I moved to LA at 18. We went back and forth for years and it did nothing but torture me, but at least I got a good project out of it. 

What do you believe was a monumental intervention in your life that helped you get to where you are today? 

I would say watching Leona Lewis sing “Bleeding Love”. I remember watching VH1 top 20 countdown when I was a little girl, and watching her music video made me want to be a singer one day just like her. 

Share with us what music makes you feel. What do you believe is music’s higher purpose?

I think music is comfort. No matter what anyone or the world goes through, it’s something that brings us together and heals. That’s what I like about making music, it comforts me I’m the process then whoever relates when they listen 


Growing up, you were raised by creative parents. Tell us more about that experience and how it let you to becoming an artist. 

I loved my childhood and household growing up. There was always music playing and art happening somewhere. My dad was a drummer and my mom was always painting something. It just gave me that open mindset to be creative. I Don’t think I’d be an artist if I was raised differently. 

Can you tell our readers your recipe to success and happiness? 

Sounds very corny, but enjoy the journey and not the destination (or whatever the quote is). I think if we were all where we wanted to be it’d get boring and unexciting. I love slowly reaching my goals and my stories along the way.

What would be a “dream come true”

A song with John Mayer